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Alria at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch Dudusierra of Kroengard
Member crew(s) The Bird's of Prey, Brethren of the Shores, Dread Poets Society, Facetious And Proud, Kroengard, Lovely Ladies, Lower Than Atlantis, Marvel Heroes, Privateers Tridents, The Rebel Mercenaries, Squid Squad, Valhala, Weeping Angels
Founded 4 September, 2010
Allies The Commission, Corruption, Good Evening, Gothic Religion, Leviathan's Wrath, Imperial Coalition, Intoxicated, United We Stand, The Warriors
Wars None
Last updated on 11 January, 2017
Favicon.png Flag Info

Alria is a flag on the Meridian Ocean. It was founded on September 4, 2010, by Dudusierra on the former Viridian Ocean. Being a peaceful flag, it doesn't go to war nor does it carry out blockades, unless it's really needed or they really want it.

Public statement

In name of the Alrian Empire, we'll stand and fight, because that's the way of our hearts

Extended public statement

All hail the Alrian Empire! We are a fun-loving flag, looking for some good friends to join us. We tend to not get in wars easily or unprepaired, but when we do we go for it. In PvP, if we be attacked, we'll give the same coin back in exchange. If you intent to disengage, tell the other bnaver for a diplomatic disengagement.

All crews are welcome to join, if you are good in mind and strong in heart. We shall give the new crews titled members for the captain and his senior officers.

Titles will also be gaven away due other motives.

Thanks for visiting our page and feel free to join! ~King Dudusierra


Alria started as an alt flag, created by Shiaku (Dudusierra's Alt), when he was on Squid Squad. Due some issues about the flag and the crew, Dudusierra ended up leaving Squid Squad and creating his own crew, Kroengard, and, consequently, joined Alria to make it a true flag. Then he started recruiting as many crews as he could, but due much drama, the flag started to get on a tough spot. The problem took over when Dudusierra got suspended due a post on forums. Alria collapsed, and many left. Taking advantage of that, Emaninu, who was the only royal still active in the flag, took over the flag monarchy and kicked all the other royals.

During Dudusierra's absence, with the help with some good pirates, some true alrians were able to make Emaninu give up the flag and give it back to it's original owners. Although, Alria wasn't able to reestablish itself, with the absence of it's leader.

On April 2014, Zwartetulp got Dudusierra to play the game for a day during his birthday event and then convinced him to get playing again. Some days later, they decided to revive Alria, in order to accomplish new goals and create a good environment in their flag. Once again, Alria lived. And with the arrival of some old and new friends, it comes strong and keeps growing everyday.