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Aldonza began her pirating career in the Spring of 2005 on Viridian Ocean, under the name Dulcinea, where she rose to the rank of senior officer in the crew Conspiracy, of the flag Retaliation.

Within days of its opening, Aldonza moved to Sage Ocean and began a branch of Conspiracy, under the flag of XXX,with the blessing and support of the crew's founder, Djmuffin. Sadly, real life concerns forced her into dormancy for the next two years.

Having returned in the fall of 2007, Aldonza and her crew were happy to be a part of both Astute Tentacle Mariners and The Interminable Nomads. Currently Conspiracy has been mothballed with an alternate and Aldonza is a senior officer of Swindled Souls and a lady of the flag Silenced Souls.


  • Assist her flag in the acquisition an habitable island (or three!)
  • Learn about island politics
  • Govern an island of her own for her flag
  • Continue having as much fun playing Puzzle Pirates as humanly possible

Renamed Ships in her Personal Fleet


  • Hook: left hand (19Jan08 - SMH)
  • Starfish: left cheek (5Feb08 - SMH w/Midnite Devils - 1st night it was available)