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Albini is a pirate on the Viridian Ocean. Her name is a variation of "albino" due to her pale skin and originally pale hair, but it is unknown whether this coloring is the same in real life.

Familiars Won
Pets button.png
Little Dorrit
Item box unequip.png
Pets-Rabbit colors.png
Trinkets button.png
Gingerbread shack
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Trinket-Gingerbread shack.png



Albini washed ashore on Viridian back in 2005 as a wandering greenie. After remaining dormant for a few years she returned in 2007, caught up again in the excitement of the game. While Albini is not quite the swashbuckling pillager, she enjoys ship duties like Sailing and Shipwrightery. Much of her time is spent on artistic endeavors; her favorite hobbies are painting portrait backgrounds for well-to-do pirates, and baking/tinkering trinkets. She was once an avatar artist on the forums, but may come out of retirement from it someday.

Amongst friends, Albini has been called anything from Al to Beanie. She currently resides in her cozy cottage on Kirin.

Notable Achievements

Pirate Artist
Limited Edition
Portrait Background Contest

June 2008
October 2008
January 2009
March 2009
August 2011

Portrait Gallery

The following in-game Portrait Backgrounds were created by Albini:

Contributed Trinkets

Trinkets designed by Albini:


Here be some avatars made by Albini for herself and for art-lovin' pirates.

Albini's Avatars

Collected Renamed Ships

Albini adores ships and currently has 2 renamed sloops. She hopes to one day attain a limited edition ship.

Ocean   Type Name
Viridian Sloop dock.png  Sloop Ginger Sweetfish
Viridian Sloop dock.png  Sloop Dockside Bar

Trinkets Owned

Albini's Trinkets


Albini's Avatar Shop

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