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Addorod has no portrait
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Addorod otherwise known as Cilon is a pirate who plays mainly on the Viridian Ocean. He is the captain of the crew The Viridian Force, and king of the flag Viridian Avengers. He loves the color orange.


Contributions and Accomplishments

On Viridian:

On Crimson:


Addorod was washed up on the shores of the Viridian Ocean in February, 2006. He originally spawned on Napi Peak, in the Garnet Archipelago. Since then, Addorod has accomplished much on Puzzle Pirates.

Addorod has held many ranks in many different crews. He was a senior officer of the crews The Black Parade, Viridian Crusaders, Anni's Crystal Charm, and Elemental Hero Pirates. He has also been a fleet officer in the crew mercinaries of the ocean. During his amazing pirate career, Addorod has also found time to have been the governor of Corona Reef.

Addorod is currently the captain of the crew The Viridian Force, and king of the flag Viridian Avengers. He is also again the governor of Corona Reef, and ranked as a commander in the Corona Reef Navy in the Jade Archipelago.

Addorod has many friends and hearties on Puzzle Pirates. He also has an interest in stalls and shoppes, owning two shoppes on Corona Reef, and one ironworking stall on Lima Island. Cilon also manages three other shoppes on other islands on the Viridian Ocean. Addorod likes the color orange, as can be seen in his portrait.


Addorod has navigated or admiraled in the following blockades:





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