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Zzxc starting playing on the Sage Ocean in 2005 on September 6. He has crew hopped several times until finding base friend group in Curiosity Kills. He became the captain of this crew on January 17, 2012.

He has been mostly a carouser and not big on duty puzzles, which he lacks skill in. He has often made several leave of absences to pursue other things in life or play other games.

Contributions and Accomplishments


Zzxc first started playing on the Cobalt Ocean back in early 2005. Being frustrated with subscription fees he quickly moved to the Sage Ocean, which he has called his home ever since. He first took a role within Sage when he helped Wingedhussar in his attempt to take Bowditch Island when it first opened, which Raving Notion lost to Hardcore Explorers. Zzxc then took a leave of absence of about 6 months, until he came back later to help Unwanted Attention take Kakraphoon Island and Wissahickon Island.

He took a leave of absence for a considerable amount of time, popping in and out to say hello to friends. As of early 2012 Zzxc has returned for the time being and calls Wensleydale his home. As of recent Zzxc has founded the flag The Federal Reserve and sends a war declaration to anyone he does not like or people who own multiple islands. As of October 2012, Zzxc renamed himself McGrumble, which he a name he uses in other games.

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