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Franklin W. Cain started playing Puzzle Pirates in 2007.

Franklin's "usual" pirate name is "Franklincain" on all oceans. He has also taken the pirate name "Franklin" on most other oceans (all but Jade; someone else got that one first). However, he plays mostly on the Meridian Ocean.

Franklin has an almost ridiculous number of interests. (To illustrate this point, please look at his "Likes" on Facebook or his profile on LiveJournal.) However, if forced to narrow down to just a few of his absolute favorite interests (outside of Puzzle Pirates, that is), he would include the following:

He enjoys role-playing, whether in Puzzle Pirates or in other games. He has a quirky and (sometimes) dark sense of humor. He likes to avoid messy political squabbles, like those that often plague the various Parley groups at the Forums. He prefers to associate with like-minded pirates.

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These are the various avatars used by Franklin, at the forums as well as at other websites.

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