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Master List - Cobalt Building Pages (thanks to Pianoman1125 for the idea)

See also: Building lists for:

The mark done denotes that the building page exists, an outside view picture has been uploaded and added into the page, an up to date infobox has been added, and a brief ownership and construction history written. Anyone feel free to add as you see fit. A completed island will be marked as such. ori. denotes that the pages had to be an originally created article.

When editing, please conform to the following basic template for consistancy:

  • Grab a screenshot of the building
  • Always ensure the owner and manager information in the infobox is accurate and current.
  • Specify the following points in the opening of the article:
    • Left-facing or Right-facing
    • Upgraded (nothing needed if not upgraded)
    • Bazaar or Shoppe
    • Island location
    • Governing flag at the time of building and building date.
    • Conformance with any specified island naming scheme.
  • See this as an example of all the above listed points: Moon Shine.

Currently Working on: Cochineal Island


Jade Archipelago - (162 of 162 complete)

Conglin Island - (Island Complete)

Corona Reef - (Island Complete)

Dendrite Island - (Island Complete)

Dragon's Nest - (Island Complete)

Erh Island

Harmattan Island - (Island Complete)

Hunter's Point

Kirin Island - (Island Complete)

Lima Island - (Island Complete)

Lonelywood Lagoon

Olive Island - (Island Complete)

Prolix Purlieu - (Island Complete)

Sakejima Island - (Island Complete)

Swampfen Island - (Island Complete)

Terra Island - (Island Complete)

Typhoon Island - (Island Complete)

Viridis Island - (Island Complete)

Xian Rock

Onyx Archipelago - (4 of 108 complete)

Adder Ridge

Ansel Island

Cabo de Hornos

Charcoal Island

Cormorant Island

Fintan Island

Garden Cradle

Hadrian Island

Kuhio Island

Labyrinth Moors

Last Stand Hill

Oasis Island

Polaris Point

Raven's Roost

Sapling Island

Tigerleaf Mountain

Whistler Island

Yax Mutal

Garnet Archipelago - (14 of 54 complete)

Carmine Island - (Island Complete)

Cochineal Island - (In progress)

Crimson Island

Diastrophe Island - (Island Complete)

Echo Island

Havoc Island

Jubilee Island

Mermaid's Purse

Moab Island

Napi Peak

Nova Island

Olin's Brow

Pranayama Island

Radix Island

Spectre Island - (Island Complete)

Stormy Fell

Surtsey Island

Windward Vale