Garden Cradle (Cerulean)

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Garden Cradle
Favicon.png Garden Cradle on the Cerulean Ocean
Medium island in the Onyx Archipelago
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Controlled by   Secrets of the Deep  
Governed by   Tosse
Navy color   Yellow
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Outpost Medium Large
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Garden Cradle is a medium island located in the Onyx Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Charcoal Island, Raven's Roost, Kuhio Island, and Polaris Point.

Natural resources

This island spawns cowslip, hemp, and stone.


Garden Cradle's buildings are named using a loose pirate'y theme. The buildings used to have names relating to limes. Before that the buildings were named with a theme of babies, or young children, but were renamed as part of Stevensam's Lime Day Building Re-name contest.

Pick Your Poison (bazaar)
Treasure Trove (upgraded)
Commodities market
Pirate Depot
Buccaneers Brewing Company (bazaar)
Estate agent
Sea Rovers Real Estate
The Hide-away (left-facing villa)
The Buck Stops Here (upgraded)
Iron monger
Terrible Tool And Die (bazaar)
Palace of Secrets (upgraded)
Web Of Yarns (bazaar)
Dusted Buildings
Lime Explorations (explorers' hall)
Lime Trades (trading post)
Citric Explorers (explorers' hall)
Scallywag Shipworks (bazaar)


Garden Cradle was originally located on the Cobalt Ocean. A lone rock to the just northeast of the bay area reads, "This island were fashioned by Akkhima."

09-June-07 - Garden Cradle was colonized by BITEME under the flag Dark Asylum. After winning Garden Cradle, BITEME held an event which was open only to flags that had contributed to the organization. The flag Aloha won the event and took over control of the island on June 26, 2007.

Garden II, 21-July-07 - Aloha successfully defended against The All-Consuming Flame, flag of the Brigand King Azarbad the Great.

Garden III, 2-Sept-07 - Aloha successfully defended against The Enlightened, flag of the Brigand King Vargas the Mad.

23-Dec-07 - Garden Cradle was transfered to the winners of the Aloha Fever -- Island Giveaway Event, the Anomalous Purloiners.

Garden IV, 8-Mar-08 - Anomalous Purlioners successfully defended against Apocolypse.

June-10 - A gate and check-in post was added to the shores of Garden Cradle as a part of the Lime Day Memorial Contest. The winning design was done by Meadflagon and slightly changed by Artemis before being placed.

Garden V, 27-Nov-10 - Anomalous Purloiners successfully defended against Crimson Horizons in a 3 round blockade.