Monkeying Around Mongers

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Monkeying Around Mongers
Left-facing Iron monger (upgraded) on
Tigerleaf Mountain (Onyx Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Spoonbender
Manager(s) Sassythang
Erected November 2005
Building-Cerulean-Monkeying Around Mongers.png

Monkeying Around Mongers is an iron monger shoppe on Tigerleaf Mountain on the Cerulean Ocean. It was erected in November 2005. The iron monger was awarded to the flag Hydrophobia by The Art of War in exchange for their help at the Tigerleaf I blockade. It is currently owned by Spoonbender of the Serial Pillagers.

Monkeying Around Mongers' motto is: "If yer gonna be a pirate on the Onyx Arch, yer gonna need a lot o' balls. And we got plenty o' balls here!"

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