The Black Crows

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The Black Crows at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Amberon
Senior Officer(s) Afinepieceof, Captainsilk, Juanquimon, Ricardox, Zyxt
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Les Aristocrates
Founded January, 2006
Merged into The Silver Wolves as of July, 2007

The Black Crows was a crew that sailed the Sage Ocean. The crew flew the flag of Les Aristocrates.


The Black Crows was founded by Amberon in late January of 2006.

The Black Crows had several officers from Royal Pirateers join as offers and the crew quickly grew to over fifty members.

The Black Crows then decided to join Go with the Flow, who where just preparing for their blockade at Admiral Island. Shodan agreed to let the crew join the flag after the blockade was over.

After being with Go with the Flow for two months, The Black Crows again decided to switch flags. They then ended up with Deadman's Vengeance. During this timeThe Black Crows continued to grow and established a crew fame of Eminent. It was during it's time time under the banner of the flag of Deadman's Vengeance that the crew Shinjiru Ga Mama Ni merged into The Black Crows.

The Black Crows again decided to switch flags. This time they chose the number one flag at the time, League of Light.

After some time in League of Light the crew again decided it was time for another switch, this time to the flag of Tiny Flag. The Black Crows enjoyed their time in Tiny Flag, but soon receieved and invitation from Redbeard to join the flag of Mind Games. It was during this time that the captaincy of The Black Crows passed to Nikolaas.

During the first week of October of 2006 the crew Flying Skulls merged into The Black Crows.

The crew enjoyed a period of blockade involvment under Nikolaas' leadership but eventually the founders of Mind Games decided to split up and The Black Crows left the flag in mid-November.

The Black Crows ended up in Les Aristocrates shortly after they left Mind Games. While in Les Aristocrates, Amberon handed over the captain's hat to Seawaterdrop. The deal was Seawaterdrop would lead the crew for a month, then restore Amberon to the capaincy. Twenty-eight days into this deal, Seawaterdrop expelled everyone of cabin person and pirate rank, as well as dormant members. The only reason she did not expell the officers was because the crew's politic's were oligarchic, so the votes had to pass before they were expelled.

Eventually Amberon reclaimed the captaincy but the number of the crew numbers dwindled and in July of 2007 Amberon merged The Black Crows into The Silver Wolves.

Public statement

We be The Black Crows, we are a crew devoted to hard working active pirates. We go pillaging often, have plenty of fun, and always bring home a nice booty. We are a crew with plenty of experiance under our belt, and we plan to take Sage by storm!

Crew articles

  1. Ask PTB before boarding any ship. PTB stands for permission to board, this can cut down on problems such as boarding when officers are try to mem. or do trade runs. If you do not ask PTB then you will be planked off the ship immediatly.
  2. Do NOT ask when we will port or when ye will get a cut of the booty. Because the answer will always be "We port when we port, and ye get yer money there." When at sea, we have to sail to port, we can not just fly to port magicly.
  3. Do not asked to be promoted, if you are a jobber and ye would like to join full time, then we will ask if anyone would like to join at port. If ye are Cabin Person or above I will promote you when you reach the requirements (listed below) and when I think you are experiance and ready to be promoted to the next level.
  4. Do NOT leave during battle! If you do leave during battle you will get a pay cut. If you have a "good excuse" let the officer in charge, on board, know then he will let you go. If you are away for the battle and just let your block stack up ye will also get a pay cut, and you will be planked afterwards.
  5. If ye see a ship at sea that only has one pirate aboard, please ask PTB, because most likely they are doing a trade run, which can only be done with bots, and no normal players. If you happen to forget and accidently get on, please leave imediately.
  6. Have fun! This is a game, your ment to have fun! Dont take anything in a game to serrious.

Promotion requirements

  • Cabin Person: Just ask the Officer in charge at port and he/she will invite ye a Cabin Person.
  • Pirate: Ye must have atleast two broads in any of the piracy skills.
  • Officer: Ye must be an experianced pirate, with some fine piracy skills. You must work hard and be devoted to the game and to the crew. No one will come into this crew and be an officer as soon as they join.
  • Fleet Officer: Ye must have alot of experiance with the game. You must be hard working and join or start pillages often. You must also be mature enough to handle a rank such as this. It will take alot of work to get to Fleet Officer.
  • Senior Officer: You must be one of the very devoted officers that is active in the crew, pillages alot, and perticipates in crew events. Senior Officer is one of the hardest ranks to get, it will take alot of hard work and determination to achive S.O.
  • Captain: Ha!

Notice how specific piracy stats are not listed. This is because it is not purely your stats that reflect how good of a pirate you are, only I will be able to judge that.