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Nikolaas, of Sage is a former captain of The Black Crows, a crew he merged his own into, when stress and other problems in reality made it difficult to captain a crew.

After stepping down from The Black Crows, Nikolaas has crew hopped for awhile.


Nikolaas started his pirating career on Sage in December, as the pirate Nikolasp, and was quickly accepted into the currently thriving "The Wrecking Crew". For reasons beyond his control, he ended up switching over to his new, and current pirate, Nikolaas.

Nikolaas stayed with TWC untill Mid-April, he left and formed his own crew, the Malignant Marionettes. He spent the remainder of the month convincing TWC's current Captain and SO's to come and join his crew. The Malignant Marionettes was a play on the name "Perilous Puppets". Since Nikolaas hated that name, after establishing war with the Puppets, he changed it to Shinjiru Ga Mama Ni. Later on, real life issues and alot of stress ingame made Nikolaas decide to merge his crew into The Black Crows.

He now crew hops, and plays another character on Hunter more frequently.


  • Former Captain of The Black Crows
  • Nikolaas has been a SO in The Wrecking Crew,
  • Captain of Shinjiru Ga Mama Ni at one point.
  • On April 2nd, Nikolaas became the first Battle Navigation Ultimate.
  • Even though his Ultimate was only celebrated on Sage, no other pirate had made Ultimate/Broad yet, so he was the lone Ultimate for a short period.
  • Won the automated Tan Familiar drinking tournament on September 16, for a tan octopus.