South of Sanity

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South of Sanity at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Polono of North of Normality
Member crew(s) Devils Destroyers, North of Normality, Simply Irresistible
Founded 24 February, 2009
dormant as of 3 March, 2012
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South of Sanity is a dormant flag on the Viridian Ocean.


Clashing ideas and flag founders leaving caused the flag Rebel Raiders to quickly fall apart. After the departure of the monarch Justinmickey, the succeeding monarch Curlypearly and royals decided that it was time to move on and create a new flag, unable to carry on a legacy that wasn't their own. All remaining crews under Rebel Raiders moved immediately to South of Sanity after it was built. Curlypearly handed over the monarch position to Joshuawhelan in June 2010.

Former Flag Members

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Public Statement

“Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination” ~ Mark Twain

Flag Articles

We are not a flag with the crude intent of war: But, we lend an open hand to those who are willing to meet us halfway, and we offer our full support and trust when needed.


We, South of Sanity, are currently accepting and creating alliance invitations. If you or your flag may be interested, please contact any royal in the flag.

Recruitment and Distribution

We are also in the process of recruitment. If you or your crew may be interested in joining our flag, we would be honoured to have you on board.

Distribution of royalty will be discussed among present royals, and all whom apply will be subject to set criteria. (Ask any royal for details.)

Entertainment- We're full of it ;)

On a lighter side, you may be asking, why you should join our flag. This my friend, will be answered simply with the knowledge that we plan events that make your face fall clean off your head, Competitions that will challenge your wits, and prizes that have been longing to be in your possession. (Current event: Trick or Treat!)

Islands Controlled by the Flag

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