Rudder Revolution

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Rudder Revolution at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Dittemuzz (Left Flag & joined Crew in another) of Rudder Lubbers
Member crew(s) Galatians Six-Seven, Helm's Deep, Pink Diamonds, Rudder Lubbers, Scandalous Scallywags, Silver Dragon Trading Co
Founded 27 October, 2003
Dormant as of 28 February, 2012
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Rudder Revolution is currently a dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean. founded in the year 2003 on October 27.

Public statement

Schooner or later every pirate ends up involved in Rudder nonsense!


The flag Rudder Revolution dates back to the Azure era, as one of the most prominent flags; the owners of Gaea Island, the flag was known for such things as the 24-hour bashes. When the flag mechanic was implemented on the Azure Ocean, Rudder Lubbers were one of the largest crews in the game. Orange Revolution, another prominent crew joined them to found the flag, albeit with some reluctance on the part of captain Uzi, who wished for her crew to hold an island of its own. They were joined by Wreckage, a small but very active trading crew, led by Disaster and Trampler, as well as Fronsac's crew, Wolfpack. Fronsac joined on the condition that he would hold the deed to an inn on the flag's island, should they manage to secure one. Another crew that joined the new flag was the Galatians Six-Seven, captained by Mordecai, as well as Limebeard's crew, Yarrrrrr Pirates. The Rudder Duckies were the final crew making up the numbers of Rudder Revolution. They were a dedicated trade crew captained by Pennsuedo's alt, Penndalla.

Gaea Island on the Azure Ocean

The ability to transfer goods directly from ship to ship was not implemented at the time, transferring via shops being the only option. RR's main crew, Rudder Lubbers did not own any shops, and therefore the flag in general was at a disadvantage in comparison to the other powers of the day, such as Old Spice, The Libertarians and The Pillage People. This prompted Rudder Revolution to aim to purchase an island; king Pennsuedo encouraged Rubby, captain of The Salty Mouthfuls, to focus his crew's efforts on fund-raising for the cause, alongside Rudder Lubbers, and Orange Revolution. The flag was successful in securing Gaea Island for the price of 100,000 PoE, a fortune at the time. The original price of the island proposed by Cleaver had been 120,000 PoE, however Uzi of Orange Revolution haggled with him and brought the price down. The Galatians Six-Seven sailed out on their maiden voyage with the entire flag's fortune in a small sloop, transporting it to secure the deal.

Post-Gaea and late Azure

Telzarn, the second pirate to join Rudder Lubbers had suggested long ago the idea a community training crew. After colonising Gaea Island, the concept was made a reality with the foundation of the Puzzle Pirates Academy, captained by Faile. Uzi's crew, Orange Revolution, left the flag on good terms to found La Nueva Revolucion and acquire an island of their own. This departure, however, was tempered by the formation of several new crews, including a new PvP focused one. Captained by Kendric, the crew sailed under the name of Rudder Rampage. A pirate by the name of Minordragon was captain of Rudder's Dragons, the next new crew to number among Rudder Revolution's increasing crew list. Pire, a member of the Rudder Duckies, left the crew to found and captain one of his own, similarly with a focus on trade. Pire named the new crew Rudder Royals, as they sailed beneath the RR flag alongside his old crew.

As the end of Azure approached, the flag continued to grow, taking on more crews. The Sea Wolves were an established crew led by Unicorn who decided to join Rudder Revolution on the Azure Ocean. As Midnight approached, Pennsuedo welcomed captain Madeline and her crew Six Leagues Under to the flag. Crusading Cavaliers were a further addition to Rudder Revolution, led by a pirate by the name of Cayte.

Resurrection on Midnight

When Midnight came around, its members, led by monarch Pennsuedo, quickly pulled together, eschewing such luxuries as clothes and swords to raise money for several shoppes on Guava Island.

After blockades were implemented, they merged with allies Hell's Outcasts to form Rudder Hell, and then with X Marks The Spot to form Equinox and win the island. The flag was famed for its conflict with Crimson Tide early on in Midnight's History, a war between the two flags being the first example of the use of the ingame mechanic. Northern Lights was formed when the flag split, the other half retaining the name of Rudder Revolution.

Aside from the current member crews, the flag has played host to many crews over the years on both Midnight and Azure, including;