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Duckies at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain None
Senior Officer(s) Aiella. Argonaut, Jabeau, Jaffee
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Heavens Aligned
Dormant or disbanded as of 2 November, 2005

The Duckies was a crew of the Azure and Midnight Oceans. In January 2006, the remaining Duckies merged with Six Leagues Under.


The Duckies were originally founded in Azure and sailed under the flag of Rudder Revolution. Throughout their existence in Azure and at the beginning of Midnight, they were known as Rudder Duckies in light of their flag allegiance. However, following the split of Rudder Revolution, the crew formed a new flag, Northern Lights, along with the crew Six Leagues Under. Their departure from RR prompted the crew to drop 'Rudder' from their name, becoming known simply as 'Duckies'.

It should be noted that in February 2004 a new crew using the name 'Rudder Duckies' was founded on Midnight and existed alongside Duckies in the same ocean for some time.

Public Statement

The Duckies Charter
Our Goals
*To foster a friendly atmosphere that values fun and friendship above all else.
*To demonstrate an organized and team-oriented crew to other pirates.
*To profit from the trade of commodities and pillaging.

Membership Requirements - Cabin Person
To join the crew you must have sailed with one of our officers as a jobber for a few voyages and have expressed an interest in a full time position with our team. You must have demonstrated yourself to be friendly and mature in your conduct towards others. This is a temporary crew position that will last no less than 2 days and no more than 3 weeks. At the end of the term the crewmember will either be promoted to pirate or removed from the crew.


From Cabin Person to Pirate
Must have succesfully met all membership requirements and registered for the Heavens Aligned forums. One officer must sponsor your promotion. Minimum of 2 days as a Cabin Person. The game requires that you have subscribed to Yohoho.

From Pirate to Officer-In-Training (Midshipman)
Must have served no less than 5 days as Pirate, demonstrated a desire to be an active member of the crew by working towards crew goals and actively utilizing the forums. Must have working knowledge and decent ability in all puzzles. The promotion must be granted by a Senior Officer or Captain, and the crewmember must have the support of at least one other officer.

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