Release 2010-10-14

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Haunted Shipwrecks

From the Release Notes:
  • Haunted Seas
    • When entering a shipwreck graveyard, pirates will board one of the wrecked ships to fight the ghosts (and possibly Barnabas the Pale).
    • Increased the range at which ghost ships are destroyed when the shipwreck graveyard is destroyed.
    • Fix bug causing ships near a destroyed shipwreck to initially be shown as not destroyed and only at the end of the turn be removed from battle.
    • Fix bug where ships could very rarely be pushed outside of the shipwreck graveyard if they were rammed just after arriving.
  • Other Tweaks
    • Flotsam will no longer allow a ship caught in it to be rammed off that spot.
    • Changed the ordering of the paintbrush interface on ships to be: Railing, Sideboard, Hull
    • If you have multiple houses of the same name, show island names with those on the notice board button.
    • When you win a non-eights prize in a tourney, tell you about it.
    • If you cannot start yer duty due to a break, tell you that.
    • If your parlor/bravery badge dusts give you a quick way to get another, just like we do for the labor badge.
    • If the new player "talk to a greeter" help would come up during a puzzle, wait until they're done to show it.
    • Give an explanatory message if you fail to blackspot because you were in a situation where we couldn't give you the confirmation window.
  • Other Bugfixes
    • Fixed some errors during alliance declarations that were silently hidden.
    • Fixed jobber/divvy cut adjustments (-1) not applying to eights from inside divided chests.
    • Fixed capitalization of some gift badge products.
    • Fix a bug where sometimes attempting to follow a portal as you were otherwise being moved (e.g. due to planking) would sometimes leave the client in a limbo state.
    • Fix a bug related to keeping the sea battle board updated that could sometimes cause the board to disagree with the server.
    • Fixed problem with invitations from the Fine crew/flag hall's attic not correctly completing.
    • Fix a bug causing the wrong error to show when trying to transfer commodities to a pirate aboard a swabbie-transporting vessel.
    • Fix a bug where Bumblebeard does not properly give instruction on how to use the trading and challenge windows.
    • Fix missing rigging documentation during Learn to Rig tutorial.
    • Fix a bug where pets & saboteurs that are following a pirate don't enter by the right portal.
    • Fix a bug where ships could post a job notice after leaving the shipwreck graveyard or the cursed isle but before leaving the battle.
    • Fix a bug where if two ships fight in PvP, both are set to hunting barbarians, but no one is duty navigating, the ships would swordfight instead of rumble.