Release 2009-12-18

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Job, Job, Job Your Boat

From the Release Notes:
  • Overhauled the "Voyages" tab on the notice board
    • Voyages are now shown in sortable tables with columns for the ship, officer, jobber pay, etc. instead of giant description text.
    • Jobbers may sign up to auto-apply for voyages of specific types (e.g. sea monster, pillage) and their application will be sent if any vessel starts hiring for that type of voyage.
  • Added "Manage Jobbers" control on board vessels (on the helm and nav table) to specify the officer in charge and a short mission statement for the voyage.
  • Added a "Hire Swabbies" button on the manage jobbers dialog to hire swabbies to your vessel without posting a job offer to the notice board. (Note that swabbies are still automatically hired as normal when you do post a normal offer)
  • Moved the "Call all hands" button onto the Manage Jobbers dialog.
  • Make the color range on the voyage configuration difficulty slider more accurate
  • Show the max crew, not just the count of pirates aboard, on /vwho results
  • Fix some recipes listing their labor requirements sorted inconsistently