Release 2004-05-07

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Shop and Vessel Records (v1.67)

From the Release Notes:
  • Added logging to track economic and other activity aboard ships and in shops. This facility should help crews manage their cargos and help shopkeepers track sales as well as provide a record of taxes. Not every activity is logged, so please bear with us as we expand this feature.
  • Removed the one-stall-per-pirate-per-island stall limitation. Now ye may have up to one stall of each type at an island.
  • New round structure for blockades: 3 rounds in a row, then 4 hours off.
  • When a vessel is "sunk" in a non-sinking blockade, the vessel is barred from entering the blockade from then on.
  • Lowered damage from medium and large cannonballs.
  • Found and fixed some more bugs with battle/blockade display.
  • Fixed forts and markets so that the owner can access the coffers.
  • Fixed construction sites so that employees are paid prior the site getting turned into a building. Any money that was not yet picked up by workers will be buried on the island.
  • Fixed a bug with the port interface when there were two ships with the same name.
  • Shanghais for the past week should now be entered into the system, and they'll be counted again going forward.