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Now retired, Priklypete was a shaping force in post-Rifkind Widows and Orphans, a generous contributor to the Cnossos Island Restoration Project, and a role model for future merchants. He sailed the Midnight Ocean.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Former prince of Widows and Orphans
  • Former captain of ARR
  • Contributor and co-coordinator of the Cnossos Island Restoration Project


In the just over two years he was an active player, Priklypete was a leader in almost everything he touched. With a flair for leadership almost as great as his fabled love for hockey, Pete (as he is commonly known) helped usher in a new era of peace for his storied flag Widows and Orphans. Likewise, once-dormant crew ARR flourished during his later leadership. He became a voice of moderation and level-headed common sense, and extended this wisdom to all his projects. In his heyday he owned and managed numerous shoppes and stalls across Midnight, becoming notoriously successful and a figure of influence particularly on Turtle and Cnossos Islands.

Most recently he has become known for his contributions to the once-controversial restoration of Cnossos Island. Under nominal leader Zanered, he helped raise funds and awareness for this enormous project, donating much of his own time and PoE up until the very completion of the monumental task, which vaguely coincided with the end of his activity as a full-time player.

Lately he has gone on to focus on his life outside of Y!PP, but his legacy is and will continue to be widely felt.