Yer known world

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Yer known world
Ye Known World.png
Owned by all pirates
Doubloon cost: N/A

The Yer known world item is a map of the ocean, located in the charts section of the booty panel, which shows all the league points a pirate has memorized, all of the islands a pirate has set foot upon, and the routes and islands of charts currently in that pirate's inventory. When aboard a ship, the routes and islands of charts on the navigation table are also visible. It may be viewed at any time by clicking it and selecting "View" from the resulting menu.

While on a ship, it serves as a quick access to the View/Chart a course option. Dragging a chart on top of it will open it for viewing (or charting if available) with the map that was dropped on it highlighted in the chart view (thus serving as a quick method to chart a course on a ship).

Shading of the league points on the map indicate relative difficulty of brigands spawned nearby. Darker leagues means more dangerous waters.

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Historical notes

  • The Yer known world map did not always exist. Prior to appearing in the booty panel, pirates had to board a ship and use the navigation table to view a map of the ocean.
  • In release 2005-10-20 (although not reflected in the release notes), the Ye Known World item was made to be visible without having to expand the chart group first.
  • In release 2007-05-24 some additional marks were added to the maps, reflecting the flotillas of the Brigand King and his minions.
  • Prior to release 2008-02-05, this item was known as Ye known world.
  • In release 2009-03-18 route difficulty was made visible by shading league points.