Nyte Krollers

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Nyte Krollers at a Glance
Obsidian Ocean
Captain Cyko
Senior Officer(s) Budibu, Scrapper
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Stranger Tides
Faction Icon-faction-shadow fleet.png Shadow Fleet
Founded 4 August, 2018
Last updated on 20 August, 2018
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Nyte Krollers is a crew of established fame on the Obsidian Ocean and a member of the Stranger Tides flag.

Public Statement

I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds!

Extended Public Statement

Please don’t ask continually if we can make you a full crewmember while you’re on a trip with us. Once is enough. If we don’t make you a full member of our crew, we will always tell you why. Also, if we decide to make someone a full crewmember, we will always do this at the end of a pilly or other trip. This will always be done by the officer in charge or the captain if she’s on the ship. Pirates who'd like to join the crew must be aware of the fact that we don't grant you an immediate rank in our crew. It is very well possible that you have a certain rank in the crew you're in now. This doesn't mean you’ll automatically get the same rank in our crew. We do ask several things of our pirates before we give them promotion. You don't have to own or manage a stall or shoppe to join this crew. It is however good if you'd like to do some business in the future or if you want to help us doing business!


  1. Only ask to join the crew at port.
  2. No begging, cussing or spamming.
  3. Please don't leave during battle.
  4. Listen to orders from the officers.
  5. Ask permission to board (PTB) before hopping on a ship. It is a courtesy. A crew member might be on a memming trip or swabbie transport and in those cases it usually isn’t handy when another crew members hops on board. If the crew member does not respond to your question, DO NOT BOARD the ship!!! If you do, the crew member on the ship has the right to plank you for boarding without permission.
  6. Be respectful of each other...Crew success comes from teamwork. If you have a problem, speak with an SO about it.


A. Support crew stalls by taking jobs. The stalls are listed. Let Scrapper know if you open a stall or want to offer discounts to crew and she will list it.
B. It is important for officers to have another officer on board in a pilly. Real life happens, you get disconnected, etc. Second pair of hands is always nice. This is not a requirement, but a suggestion.
C. Officers that start a pilly, must be able to finish it, or find an officer to take over. Do not leave a ship abandoned with no officer on board. It looks bad for the crew. This is not tolerated and demotions will take place.

If you have any questions please ask any officer.



If you have any questions please ask any officer.


Any promotion will only take place if we (officers, fleet officers, senior officers or the captain) think you’ve truly deserved it. If you’ve lost our trust or if we think for any other reason you don’t deserve your rank anymore, you WILL be demoted. We will explain to you why you are being demoted.

Icon jobbing pirate.png Jobbing pirate

this is a provisional rank. If you’re on a pilly or other trip with our crew and you’re not a full member of our crew, you’ll be a jobbing pirate automatically.

Icon cabin person.png Cabin person:

You can ask to become a full crew member when we’re back in port. When you become a full member of the crew, you will automatically get this rank. As a cabin person, you can freely do Sailing, Rigging, Bilging, Carpentry, Patching and Gunnery

Icon pirate.png Pirate:

If you’ve become a full member of the crew, we will promote you to pirate. Congratulations on your first promotion!

Icon pirate.png Pirate – Lookout (title):

This means you’re in pre-officer training. You have to have at least

  • narrow experience in carpentry or patching,
  • narrow experience in sailing or rigging,
  • narrow experience in bilging

Icon officer.png Officer – Explorer (title):

This means you’re an officer in training (OiT). Before we consider promoting you to the officers in training rank, you have to have at least:

  • broad experience in carpentry or patching,
  • broad experience in sailing or rigging,
  • broad experience in bilge and guns

Before we promote you to full officer, you will go through an extensive officer training. During training sessions your rank will be officer. When a training session is over, you will be set back to Pirate – Explorer.

Icon officer.png Officer:

A leader of Pillages, with authority to sail crew ships and manage their own vessel completely. Before we consider promoting you to the officers rank, you have to have at least:

  • solid experience in sailing or rigging,
  • solid experience in carpentry or patching
  • solid experience in and bilging and guns
  • broad experience in navigation or Battle navigation.
  • distinguished standing in either one of the above named puzzles.


  • Worked in the crew stalls/shoppes once a week for 4 weeks before your promotion as a sign of crew loyalty. Since you don’t know when you’re gonna be promoted, it’s up to you to decide when you start working in our stalls / shoppes.
  • Gain experience and standing in your piracy skills by temporary jobbing in other crews and the navy and of course working on our ships when we’re out on a pilly. That way you’ll get to know more and more people and you’ll gain more and more experience and standing in all your piracy skills! After all, we’re not always around for a pilly or other trips. It is, however, your own choice to either do this or not.
  • It would be highly appreciated if you jump in, in case we need help. We’re all helping each other out and it would be a good sign as a potential officer if you’d help us out when you see we can use some help.
  • Battle navigated on a pillage with a SO or the captain, and be recommended by the same SO.
  • Participate in and successfully complete officer training program.
  • Have an Officer’s badge so that the actual rights of an Officer are bestowed upon you.

Officers may NOT initiate PVP battles (player versus player). PVP is covered in officer training so if you are engaged you will have the basic skills to defend yourself.

Icon fleet officer.png Fleet Officer: An officer with full hold access to the crew’s fleet. Before we consider promoting you to the Fleet officers rank, you have to have at least

  • weighty experience in sailing or rigging,
  • weighty experience in carpentry or patching
  • weighty experience in bilging and guns
  • a distinguished standing in the above three categories with at least one of those puzzles on respected standing.
  • solid experience in navigation or battle navigation with at least distinguished standing in battle navigation.


  • At least 5 pilly’s with the Captain or one of the SO’s
  • At least 1 trade journey with the captain or one of the SO’s.
  • Show that you’re able to guide greenies.
  • Own at least one ship.
  • And last but not least, since you’re given a lot of access with this rank, you’ll need to have the full trust of the captain AND all of the senior officers. If our Captain doesn’t know you, you will NOT become a Fleet officer.

Fleet officers must prove loyalty, responsibility, and trustworthiness. Once you have proven yourself as officer you will be promoted.

Only Fleet Officers and above are allowed to initiate PVPs.

Icon senior officer.png Senior Officer:

One of the crew leadership. Before we consider promoting you to the Senior officers rank, you have to have been a Fleet officer for several months and have proven your loyalty, responsibility and trustworthiness. You have to have made some donations in both stock and PoE to keep the crew running.

On top of that we expect you to have a master standing in at least either one of:

  • sailing or rigging,
  • carpentry or patching
  • bilging and guns

And weighty experience in navigation or battle navigation with at least respected standing in battle navigation.


  • 5 Trade journeys with the captain or one of the SO’s.
  • Show capability to lead a crew when needed.
  • Have full trust of the captain AND ALL the SO’s
  • Have a SO Badge so that the actual rights of a Senior Officer can be bestowed upon you.
  • Be recommended by other Senior Officers

We keep our group of Senior Officers intentionally small.

Icon captain.png Captain:

In essence this means you would become the captain, if we’d promote you to this rank. Well, that’s not gonna happen, unless I and all the senior officers say it is time for a new captain. However, if you’d like to become a captain of your own crew, we’d be happy to help you. You do need to keep in mind that you’ll need at least Narrow experience in Sword Fighting, Sailing, Bilging, Navigation, Carpentry and Battle Navigation. You also need a captain badge and you have to own a ship. Otherwise you can’t become a captain. Those are the game Rules. There’s nothing we can do about that. If possible, we will give you one or more of the following if you are indeed the captain of your newly formed crew: A sloop or a cutter (it all depends on how many ships we have at the moment that you’re going to be a captain), a certain amount of poe to get your crew started in a good way (it’s the decision of the Captain what the amount of money will be) and one chart of each Archipelago where available.

Work in other ways for our crew

We have several stalls / shoppes and you are always welcome to come and work in one (or more) of them. You can just walk in and work in the stall / shoppe or you can decide to take a permanent job. It’s all up to you! Do what you like!

Booty Division

One last thing: Booty gets divided at the end of the pilly or other kind of trip. When we happen to stop on an island in between, we’ll only restock (if necessary) and we’ll go on after a small break. At that moment the booty WILL NOT be divided. When we’re on our destination island, we’ll see what commodities we have in the booty. That which can be used in the crews stalls / shoppes will be transferred there and will not be sold. Instead an amount of PoE will be dropped in the booty chest before the vision, so that the other sailors are rewarded for getting those particular commods on board. That which we can’t really use, will be sold and you’ll get a part of the profit as part of your booty. The officer in charge will decide what’s been done with the booty. If you want to get your extra share of the booty, you should stay on until the (fleet / senior) officer or the captain says this island is the endpoint.

Join our crew

Nyte Krollers is looking for new members. You are welcome to join. We have an extensive officer training in place to help you reach officer status.