Midnight island-owning flags

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Important.gif The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.

The following is a list of the flags that once governed the colonized islands on the retired Midnight Ocean. There are currently forty colonized islands.

Coral Archipelago Chart star coral.png
Angelfish Island Crimson Tide
Delta Island Otherworld
Meke Island Water Sleeps
Park Island Pandora's Box
Diamond Archipelago Chart star ice blue.png
Alpha Island Vilya
Byrne Island Tyr's Own
Cnossos Island Folie Circulaire
Oyster Island Carpe Noctem
Papaya Island Don't Panic
Turtle Island Dies Irae
Winter Solstice Capsized
Emerald Archipelago Chart star lime.png
Emperor Island Avalon
Epsilon Island Vilya
Gaea Island Riot
Guava Island Folie Circulaire
Spring Island A Plus Pirates
Tinga Island Suntne Vacci Laeti
Wrasse Island Cold Steel
Jet Archipelago Chart star black.png
Chaparral Island Riot
Eclipse Island Vilya
Hephaestus' Forge Riot
Lagniappe Island Crimson Tide
Namath Island Elysian Fields
Xi Island Crimson Tide
Opal Archipelago Chart star yellow.png
Endurance Island Blood and Roses
Nu Island Blood and Roses
Orca Island Broadsiders
Pearl Archipelago Chart star aqua.png
Cleopatra's Pearls Mystery Core
Frond Island Liberty Hull
Ostreum Island Phobos Et Deimos
Zeta Island Carpe Noctem
Ruby Archipelago Chart star red.png
Cranberry Island Trans-Atlantic Empire
Eta Island Dies Irae
Islay of Luthien Carpe Noctem
Jorvik Island Folie Circulaire
Midsummer Riot
Sapphire Archipelago Chart star blue.png
Beta Island Anchor Management
Iris Island Suntne Vacci Laeti
Remora Island Anchor Management
Vernal Equinox Blood and Roses
  • Updated August 24, 2011.

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