Meridian island-owning flags

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The following is a list of the flags that currently govern the colonized islands on the Meridian Ocean. There are currently forty-five colonized islands.

Chameleon Archipelago Chart star blue.png
Lilac Island Sick Man's Dream
Garnet Archipelago Chart star red.png
Cochineal Island Dragon Lords
Carmine Island Moonshine
Havoc Island Indifference
Jubilee Island False Pretenses
Moab Island Fellowship of Friends
Napi Peak False Pretenses
Spectre Island Case Closed
Stormy Fell Atlantean Warfare
Surtsey Island Indifference
Windward Vale Imperial Coalition
Gila Archipelago Chart star coral.png
Acanthaster Spits Sick Man's Dream
Akhlys Island Infamous Rapscallions
Fugu Island Argosy
Nightshade Island Sick Man's Dream
Jade Archipelago Chart star green.png
Conglin Island Infamous
Corona Reef Corruption
Dendrite Island Dragon Lords
Dragon's Nest Narya
Harmattan Island False Pretenses
Kirin Island Corruption
Lima Island Narya
Olive Island Rabidus Canis
Prolix Purlieu Legacy of Leisure
Sakejima Island Death's Banner
Swampfen Island P U R E
Terra Island Corruption
Typhoon Island Chocolate
Viridis Island Coming Soon
Komodo Archipelago Chart star aqua.png
Celesta Isle Carpe Diem
Drogeo Island Sick Man's Dream
Duat Island Yggdrasil
Zuyua Mist Apple Core
Lacerta Archipelago Chart star violet.png
Barracuda Island Vilya
Chelydra Cove Vilya
Chrysalis Island Vilya
Saltstraum Rock Vilya
Onyx Archipelago Chart star black.png
Ansel Island Annunaki
Fintan Island Corruption
Garden Cradle Heisenberg's Uncertainty
Hadrian Island False Pretenses
Labyrinth Moors The Wirelesscon Show
Polaris Point The Wirelesscon Show
Raven's Roost Rum Soaked Devils
Tigerleaf Mountain False Pretenses

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