Heisenberg's Uncertainty

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Heisenberg's Uncertainty at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch Mrswarchest of Short Order
Member crew(s) For Rum And Poe, The Lime Fleet, Schroedinger's Cat, Short Order
Founded 15 January, 2011
Allies Arcane Sanction, The Black Flock, Rum Soaked Devils
Last updated on 11 October, 2016
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Heisenberg's Uncertainty is a blockading flag on the Meridian Ocean, founded on the Viridian Ocean January 15, 2011.


Heisenberg's Uncertainty was born of booch on the blockade board to contest Polaris Point by Schroedinger's Cat as fame does not arrive instantly. The desire to shoot and cause C.H.A.O.S. (Cats Have Arrived On Scene) during its inception reflect values shared by its members. Since the majority of island-owning flags on the Meridian Ocean as of 2012 do not set ships to sea, the flag mainly serves as a war-flag for Schroedinger's Cats who leave and rejoin it to suit their strategic purposes.


A first declaration of war was issued during a 24-hour brig pillage on January 19/20, 2011 when Amin, a royal of Blow My Mast left in battle after checking on the booty. The declaration was, smartly, never returned, but targeted PvP caused pain and suffering to the enemy as the score reached 9:2 in Heisenberg's Uncertainty's favor.

A second war declaration was issued after a random PvP that hit Lootsit, Queen of Argonauts of Thessaly, when she insulted Sverdrup trying to be friendly after the PvP was won. The war lasted only 4 days as the eneminity [sic!] sued for peace the second day when 3 of her sloops were sunk in 12 hours by Gega, Barking, and Sverdrup. More sloops may have been sunk if the enemy had not engaged in using alternate pirates without any puzzling statistics to manipulate might rings. Proof of Pillars of Confidence and Lootsit admitted to this, but successfully claimed their ignorance and promised to Ocean Masters to not do it again.

On June 22nd, 2011 an older declaration of war was surprisingly returned by Proof of New Ocean Order, a flag which combined crews of the defunct flags Pillars of Confidence and Argonauts of Thessaly. After the eneminity [sic!] lost a dhow, a grand frigate, and a sloop within 2 days, she sued for peace and stopped putting ships out to sea. The sloop was sunk by Cation with a single shot. The war expired after the 7-day grace period on June 22nd, 2011 to be renewed, surprisingly, two days later. Sinking engagements continued until New Ocean Order became defunct.

Several blockade entanglements with Legacy resulted in wars when Polaris Point and Terra Island were taken in October of 2011 and January of 2012, respectively. Heisenberg's Uncertainty lost a sloop and cutter and sank a sloop during the 10 day October war. The January war ended after 3 days without any engagements as part of a poorly understood arrangement between Legacy and Stone Soup that Heisenberg's Uncertainty was not party to.



Born of a booch on the blockade board, Heisenberg's Uncertainty keeps booching on the the blockade board. Trying to help their ally Fast Forward to take Ansel from a Brigand King, they accidentally dropped a war chest to become a contender. Nevertheless, careful engaging the enemy without contesting scoring of the ally by war brigs steered competently by Atropa, Barking, and Mamsje.

On May 14, 2011 Heisenberg's Uncertainty dropped on Polaris Point then held by a Brigand King losing to New Ocean Order in a three-way sinking blockade. Using in-flag battle navigators and staff as well as a pay-cap, many smaller ships engaged both eneminities [sic!] smartly causing C.H.A.O.S. on the board at minimal cost. War brigs lead into battle by Mamsje, Gega, and Barking sank several war frigates of New Ocean Order.

On August 20, 2011 Heisenberg's Uncertainty dropped on Polaris Point again, once more held by a Brigand King, but this time winning, as neither of the two contenders showed. Some independents caused some trouble, and an excessively sturdy Xebec was the source of some humor, but the overall goal was achieved - learning.

On September 25, 2011 a defense against Legacy failed after the first round was won narrowly, because some poor peasant pillager masquerading as a traffic control officer fielded a war frigate, when the board called for a large number of smaller ships. The blockade-team originated entirely and exclusively from within Schroedinger's Cat performed beautifully against a skilled and experienced foe. The spirited fighting for points was intense at all times. Learning continues and the blockade was declared a win, because the so-called "poor bugs" gained more than twice the new experience at a third of the cost that did the eneminity [sic!].

On October 22, 2011 Polaris Point was taken from Legacy as the first of 10 victories of the Rebel's Alliance's attack on Legacy Islands. It was a glorified flag-sit and some jobbers were moved to aid their ally for the day, RiddleMakers, in their attack of Tigerleaf Mountain.

On December 3, 2011 a contested defense of Polaris Point was conducted paying 1000 poe/segment against Son's of Guns paying 9999/segment as the attacker chose the time to coincide with the island opening of Stormy Fell where pay reached the pay limits set by game design. While the fun defense cost about 100,000 poe paid to mostly crew, hearties, and allies the attacker paid about 2-3 million poes to their jobbers. Polaris was retaken in a flag-sit the following week as neither the defense nor the original attacker, Corpus Mortuus showed.

On January 21, 2012 a complex political gambit resulted in the accidental winning of Terra from Legacy who did not defend. The original attacker, Knockout, dropped concurrently on all open Legacy controlled islands after Legacy triggered brigand king blockade on Kirin. While Knockout focused on Labyrinth Moors, Heisenberg's Uncertainty dropped a warchest besides Knockout. Subsequently, Son's of Guns dropped and contested the non-sinking round 1 while their ally Riddlemakers dropped and contested in round 2. Legacy made round 3 sinking and a flag-sit resulted. Some described the small spontaneous attack as "guerilla-style." It was supported by both the incumbent governor and local merchants. As a result of this local resistance to outside forces, the tax rate was initially set a low of 3%. A non-sinking defence the following week against two independently operating attackers, Corpus Mortuus and Legacy, failed, but resulted in much fun and laughter for all except for the attacking monarch. The non-sinking defence of Polaris Point 10 hours later against Arctic Scientist, however, succeeded after two contested rounds were won with competently led 3-4 smaller ships.


In the spring of 2014 Fintan was accidentally taken in a flag-sit, but defended successfully two weeks later. The attacking flag YMCA raised pay to 9999 per segment 30 minutes prior to the blockade that was matched by the defense. Both parties had 2 war frigates, several war brigs, and an assortement of smaller ships in a hotly contested round that Heisenberg's Uncertainty won. Assuming that the attacker left to fight another day, the defence was caught off guard with no ship loading while a sneaky attacker was scoring with a frigate at 9999/seg. Nevertheless, the round was won narrowly by the defence due to superior tactics based on intelligence gathered dock-side: Seeing the board and a second YMCA frig loaded in port, the board admiral decided to keep pay at 5500 per segment and fielded one war frigate and one war brig that eventually out-naved and out-scored the opposition at half the cost. Round-3 was a flag-sit as YMCA had also dropped on Hadrian, but after a crushing and expensive defeat at Fintan YMCA failed to field any ships at either Fintan, Hadrian, or Windward Vale. OceanMaster then halted the Hadrian blockade after 2 uncontested rounds. Heisenberg Uncertainty's second island of Windward Vale was defended successfully by her allies of Black Flock against YMCA. Rumors spread that the main financeer of YMCA, "Adrian" was banned for ban-evasion while the pirate behind YMCA and their ally Just The Tip, Haterade, may also have been banned temporarily for abetting and assisting ban evasion. Of course, these rumors are just that ... rumors.

In the summer of 2014 Fintan was lost in a spirited blockade against Legacy of Leisure who was used as a shell by their ally Cream Pie who executed a blockade that was well organized and battle-navigated by the attacker. Retaliating two weeks later, Heisenberg's Uncertainty attacked Cream Pie at Tigerleaf Mountain and defeated the defence in a sinking blockade of 2 contested rounds. The island was given up on August 23rd 2014 when RTG Leviticus attacked on account of suspicion and convincing evidence provided by Penguinbr and Malificent that ban-evader and poe-buyer "Adrian" had found new shelter in a flag with strong prior relations to this cheating pirate and his/her many alts and associates. The island was retaken 5 weeks later in another flag-sit despite allegations by several prominent pirates that the prior infamous pirate was still present via a different puppet.


Heisenberg's Uncertainty came in second after Pillars of Confidence when Legacy gave away Polaris Point in a crowded event in February of 2011 involving sloops only. They also came in second the subsequent week in another event when Legacy gave away Garden Cradle. And again, they came in a close second to Legacy at the first of a series of events at Terra held by the governor of that isle Wend. These events placed a small fleet at Terra that accidentally captured the island with less than 45 minutes of preparation.

At a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
36 4 Oct. 2014 Tigerleaf LV Attacking no Re-Arranged vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 0:3 Won island

35 23 August 2014 Tigerleaf LIII Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. RTG Leviticus 0:3 Lost island
34 9 August 2014 Tigerleaf LII Attacking yes Legacy of Leisure vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 0:3 Won island
33 13 July 2014 Fintan LVI Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Legacy of Leisure 0:3 Lost island
32 24 May 2014 Fintan LV Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. YMCA 3:0 Defended island
31 24 May 2014 Windward Vale XXXVIII Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. YMCA 3:0 Defended island

30 10 May 2014 Fintan LIV Attacking yes Meridian's Most Wanted vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 0:3 Won island
29 22 February 2014 Windward Vale XXXVII Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Indifference 3:0 Defended island
28 26 January 2014 Windward Vale XXXVI Attacking yes Indifference vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty, Barely Dressed 0:3 Won island
27 15 December 2013 Garden Cradle LVI Attacking no Indifference vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 3:1 Didn't win island
26 9 November 2013 Garden Cradle LV Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Next Contestant 0:3 Lost island

26 24 August 2013 Garden Cradle LVI Attacking yes Meridian's Most Wanted vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 0:3 Won island

25 10 August 2013 Garden Cradle LIV Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Infamous 0:3 Lost island
24 23 June 2013 Garden Cradle LIII Attacking no Legacy of Nightmares vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 0:3 Won island
23 23 September 2012 Labyrinth Mooers XXIX Attacking yes Rage vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 3:0 Didn't win island
22 16 September 2012 Ansel XXIX Attacking yes Rage vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 3:2 Didn't win island
21 5 August 2012 Ansel XXVII Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Ostindiska Komaniet 0:3 Lost island
20 29 July 2012 Ansel XXVI Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Rage 3:1 Defended island
19 23 June 2012 Ansel XXV Attacking no Against All Odds vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 0:3 Won island
18 8 April 2012 Polaris XXXII Attacking yes Requisition vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 3:0 Didn't win island
17 7 April 2012 Duat Island XXII Attacking yes Brigand King vs. Antheas, Requisition, Heisenberg's Uncertainty 0:3 Didn't win island
16 31 March 2012 Duat Island XXI Defending yes Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Brigand King 0:3 Lost island
15 18 March 2012 Polaris Point XXX Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Requisition 1:3 Lost island
14 29 January 2012 Polaris Point XXIX Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Arctic Scientist 3:0 Defended island
13 28 January 2012 Terra XXXIX Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Corpus Mortuus, Legacy 2:3 Lost island
12 21 January 2012 Terra XXXIII Attacking no Legacy vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty, Knockout, Riddlemakers, Son's of Guns 0:3 Won island
11 11 December 2011 Polaris XXVIII Attacking yes Son's of Guns vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty, Corpus Mortuus 0:3 Won island
10 10 Decemberr 2011 Garden Cradle XXV Attacking no Imperial Coalition vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 1:3 Didn't win island
9 3 December 2011 Polaris XXVII Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Son's of Guns, Blink 0:3 Lost island
8 23 November 2011 Garden Cradle XXIII Attacking no Imperial Coalition vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 3:0 Didn't win island
7 22 October 2011 Polaris XXVI Attacking no Legacy vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 0:3 Won island
6 1 October 2011 Harmattan XXXVIII Attacking yes The Enlightened vs. Legacy, Heisenberg's Uncertainty 0:3 Didn't win island
5 25 September 2011 Polaris XXIV Defending no Heisenberg's Uncertainty vs. Legacy 1:3 Lost island
4 23 August 2011 Polaris XXIII Attacking Yes Chthronic Hordes vs. Heisenberg's Uncertainty 0:3 Won island
3 14 May 2011 Polaris XXI Attacking Yes The Enlightened vs. New Ocean Order, Heisenberg's Uncertainty 1:3 Didn't win island
2 7 May 2011 Ansel XVI Attacking Yes Chthonic Hordes vs. First Fleet, Heisenberg's Uncertainty 1:3 Didn't win island
1 20 February 2011 Ansel XIV Attacking No Subtle Tease vs. Legacy, Heisenberg's Uncertainty 1:3 Didn't win island

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