Lion's Bane

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Lion's Bane at a Glance
Obsidian Ocean
Monarch Monlizzy of Midnight Aurora
Member crew(s) Blood in the Water, Cookies Cake and Carp, Dragon Balls, Dutch Assault Forces, The First Fleet, Give Em The X, Going Thralls Deep, Heroes, Historically Inacurrate, Intensive Care Unit, Lion's Angels, Lion's Defiance, Midnight Aurora, Phaulius Leone, -- Planked --, Poison Apples, Poseidon's Fury, -The Ride-, Viridian Delusion
Island controlled

Loggerhead Island

Faction Icon-faction-defiant armada.png Defiant Armada
Founded 1 July, 2017
Allies Brenda, Get Off My Lawn, Going Down, Keep the Peace, The Warriors
Wars None
Last updated on 9 April, 2018
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Lion's Bane.jpg

Lion's Bane is a flag on the Obsidian Ocean, serving as a new home for many who came from Meridian.

Lion's Bane has a grandiose flag hall on Lionhaven.

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