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Brenda at a Glance
Obsidian Ocean
Monarch Betty of TBA
Member crew(s) Booty Bashers, Brain Storm, Dock Block, Echo, Epidemic, FAIL, Nostalgia, TBA, The Midnight Society, Vendetta
Island controlled

Loggerhead Island

Faction Icon-faction-defiant armada.png Defiant Armada
Founded 4 November, 2017
Allies Fanatical SOULS, Going Down, Keep the Peace, Lion's Bane
Wars None
Last updated on 9 April, 2018
Favicon.png Flag Info

Brenda is a flag on the Obsidian Ocean.

On January 6, 2018, Brenda won the ocean's first blockade, winning control of Loggerhead Island.

In late March or early April 2018, the flag was renamed Brenda from Blame Brenda.

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