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Laotze started as Laotzu on the Midnight Ocean during the summer of 2004, finally succumbing and subscribing that December.

He was found by Angelofdeath, captain of Eastern Winds-Yakuza of the flag Don't Panic. As his skills grew and due to the absence of his captain, Lao decided to create his own crew, with the help of his Wife Decemberain, Enlightened Pillagers (it is now defunct). He soon became prince of Don't Panic, under the monarchy of Oldin.

After some time Lao was ready to move on to a more aggressive arena. He then joined with Rummykins where he became first mate of the Misfit Marauders of the flag Death before Dishonor. After much turmoil upon the seas, Rummy decided to leave Death before Dishonor and join up with Black Sheep Brigade.

Laotzu decided to leave Y!PP early in 2006, he did a dumb thing and deleted himself.

Upon his return some months later he had found someone put his name on an eternal greenie. Thus he created Laotze.

Laotze joined Black Sheep Brigade, in where he became the second king on October, 5 2006. On November 15, 2006, he left Black Sheep Brigades after the flag's implosion. He started his own crew, Whirlwind.

Awards and Accomplishments

"Came to the crew mainly to drive botes for blockade, but just had way too much fun and had to stick around He's always a great help for anything being done in crew or flag, is tons of fun to be around and is SURE to make you pee. (Bootyhat)"