Avast Party People

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Avast Party People at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Katterina of Party Central
Member crew(s) Party Central, The Couch Breakers, Cherry's Jokers, BOP,
Dormant or disbanded as of 20 June, 2008
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Avast Party People was a flag on the Midnight ocean.


Avast Party People was founded Jan 4th, 2006.

There is despair amongst The Dark Empire. It was time for a change. They needed to go forth in the ocean and do great things, but also Fight for their Right... to Party! Since Bridalgirl as a greenie was spawned on good old Byrne Island, every house she has owned has been named Party Central, hence the only natural choice for a crew that she should captain. But what about the flag? Surely they need some sort of unifying Party theme... Party People... hmm

As Deanyu and Bridalgirl sit in real life with their good friends and co-founders of APP, Scooper and Sweetsugga, they can't get enough pillage action with four computers in one room, all lagging at different speeds... Sweet randomly announces "Avast! You cannot begin doing your duty yet!" To which they EXPLODE in laughter. Word of the weekend soon became Avast, both in YPP and in RL...

Upon their return to reality and creation of the new Flag, it was only natural it must be named Avast Party People!

Scooper was named the first monarch of APP. In March 2006, Scoop and Sweet moved on and Deanyu became monarch for most of the remaining time.

On November 19th, 2006 APP attacked Orca island and was defeated. Though the loss was tough, pride was high as getting that far and putting up a great fight still made the effort worth it. Soon after, Deanyu stepped down as monarch due to real life issues. Maetar took over as monarch until the flag disbanded on November 27,2006.

The flag was recreated on March 9,2007 by Party Central once again, this time under the monarchy of Bridalgirl. After taking Orca island March 18th, Bridal spent 1 week being captain, monarch and governor and decided something had to give. Deanyu was named back in as King on March 25th.

On July 20th, 2007 APP sent their first ever war declaration other than those for blockades. It was to Nova Scorpius, who did not return the war dec.

On August 19th, 2007 APP lost Orca Island to Don't Panic in a 4 round blockade.

On September 29th, 2007 Deanyu and Bridalgirl resigned their positions to leave the game. Royals elected Redtom as the new monarch. In November 2007 Katterina was elected in new monarch due to Redtom needing a break.

Throughout the years they have lived up to their name and will continue to live on for years to come. Whether they are at sea or on shore... it's ALWAYS a party with APP!

On January 16, 2008 APP sadly disbanned. The royals decided that dragging APP on just for the sake of keeping it alive would do no good and everyone would eventually retire or leave the flag. Party Central and The Couch Breakers merged with Cherry's Jokers in order to keep all active members together. They have now joined Midnight Marauders. As hard as the desicion was, the royals knew it was time to abandon the dieing flag.

Governing body


  • Katterina of Party Central



Pirates of the Week 2006

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{{:4/24-4/30 Graill 5/1-5/7 Simplesailor 5/8-5/14 Patkat 5/15-5/21 Supadoodledo 5/22-5/28 Blueyedannie 5/29-6/4 Queensalli 6/5-6/11 Wobblewobble 6/12-6/18 Florencecray 6/19-6/25 Kahn 6/26-7/2 Suzyque 7/3-7/9 Wedekind 7/10-7/16 Gently 7/17-7/23 Zmartini 7/24-7/30 Peitolm 7/31-8/6 Lufy 8/7-8/13 Arly 8/14-8/20 Redtom 8/21-8/27 Meepinson 8/28-9/3 Coycosette 9/4-9/10 Okie 9/11-9/17 Mcsmeesh 9/18-9/24 Chloez 9/25-10/1 Resecup 10/2-10/8 Arayana 10/9-10/15 Emmett 10/16-10/22 Havalilfaith 10/23-10/29 Pamm 10/30-11/5 Sorator 11/6-11/12 Kellan 11/13-11/19 Beleza 11/20-11/26 Keana 11/27-12/3 Rydash}}

Pirates of the Week 2007

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{{:3/12-3/18 Mavacagare 3/19-3/25 Hellcat 3/26-4/1 Maxheadroom 4/2-4/8 Cherryblosom 4/9-4/15 Saqara 4/16-4/22 Keella 4/23-4/29 Bubbagenoosh 4/30-5/6 Ksea 5/7-5/13 Lacreme 5/14-5/20 Marcbell 5/21-5/27 Risara 5/28-6/3 Sugarlips 6/4-6/10 Tattooed 6/11-6/17 Tinkerbellca 6/18-6/24 Silarius 6/25-7/1 Churly 7/2-7/8 Verdigris 7/9-7/15 Decemberain 7/16-7/22 Laotze 7/23-7/29 Bound 7/30-8/5 Anitacoffee 8/6-8/12 Novelle 8/13-8/19 Diemydarling 8/20-8/26 Fayn 8/27-9/2 Bravebetsy 9/3-9/9 Bloodqueen 9/10-9/16 Spanky 9/17-9/23 Evasion 10/1-10/7 Lacreme 10/8-10/14 Deanyu}}

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 19 November 2006 Orca VIII Attacking colonized no Faminto por Sangue vs. Avast Party People 3:0 Didn't win island
2 18 March 2007 Orca X Attacking colonized yes Faminto por Sangue vs. Avast Party People 0:3 Won island
3 1 July 2007 Orca XI Defending colonized yes Avast Party People vs. Black Veil 3:0 Defended island
4 19 August 2007 Orca XII Defending colonized no Avast Party People vs. Don't Panic 1:3 Lost island
5 15 September 2007 Orca XIV Attacking colonized yes Black Veil vs. Avast Party People, Riot 3:2:0 Didn't win island

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