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Land is a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He is currently senior officer and card sharp in the crew Crimson Assurance and lord of the flag Spontaneous Combustion.

Contributions and Accomplishments


Land first started to play Puzzle Pirates on January 17th, 2006 under the name Landlover. From there, he joined Perilous Puppets as his first crew. Land (Landlover was his name then) later joined Missdenmark's new crew named A World Of Fun. After a few weeks he was promoted to fleet officer. In this crew he met his now long time friends Galilei, Socrates, Switzer, and Wickedwench.

After many months of being loyal to A World of Fun, Land(lover) decided to seek adventure elsewhere. Land(lover) then started to Dock tart where he met Usahot, the captain of Dark Knights. After about 2 more months there Land(lover) decided he was ready to create his own crew.

Landlovers At Sea was born, with Iownuall as its first mate. However Land(lover) became busy with many other affairs and he was unable to log on for a large amount of time. Land(lover) was deleted so his new crew merged with A World of Fun.

On December 28th, Land decided to remake a pirate and continue his piratey career! Instead of the name Landlover, he called his new pirate Land. He rejoined A World of Fun, and was promoted to Fleet Officer once again.

On March 26th, 2007, he left A World of Fun and League of Light to found a new crew, Crimson Assurance, with his good friend Galilei as captain, and fellow A World of Fun crew members Socrates, Switzer, Blackbun and Bandanagirl. Shortly after, the flag Spontaneous Combustion was also founded with himself as king. On May 15th, he was named prince of the flag after Wickedwench was named queen of the flag in his place.