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Jaytee is a senior officer of Serial Pillagers and prince of the flag The Art of War.


Jaytee discovered the Puzzle Pirates world in November 2007, after being washed ashore Cochineal island of the Cobalt Ocean with nothing but torn rags. Over the coming days, he learned to pillage with the navy, and began to experiment as a greenie on random crews. He found himself repeatedly drawn to the crew Serial Pillagers, impressed with the navigating skills of Willelmus (who was to become his mentor) and the winsome ways of the crew.

With the encouragement of Willelmus, Birna and Mginty, he worked hard at his skills, quickly rising through the crew ranks. He also brought various family members into the crew, and developed his love for battle navigation and running pillages. Within six months he was assigned the title of senior officer, and built up his courage for taking out larger ships.

Jaytee was unexpectedly thrust into the world of pirate politics in the summer of 2008, joining the other fine royals of the flag The Art of War in attempt to restore the historic flag to its former glory. With the failed attempt to capture Prolix, he caught the blockading bug, and assisted in the flag's effort to regain control of Tigerleaf Mountain in September 2008.

When not pillaging brigands and barbarians, Jaytee can be found making cannonballs in his stall on Lima island, or enjoying his mansion on Terra island with Bosheth.