Ice (Viridian flag)

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Ice at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Aaro of Chill
Member crew(s) Chill
Founded 9 October, 2008
dormant as of 27 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Ice was a flag on the Viridian Ocean.

Public Statement

We aren't accepting crews at this time.

Extended Public Statement

We want to thank all of the crews and mates whom we shared lots of great times with in 2009. We kicked booty, held eminent fame all summer (4 months solid, rank # 12 - 22). =)

Occasionally this flag is temporarily activated for use in large, pre-organized event blockades. Aaro is an alt of Aaronmann so you can contact me for more information. I can be found in the Antheas flag now and Ice may be used as Antheas support in times of need.

* Alliance requests and random declarations of war will be met with silence here.

If you received a declaration of war from Ice, consider it an invitation. I can't always war dec. from the flag I'm in (currently Antheas), so I may extend the invitation through Ice. If you declair back we'll be happy to staff up this dormant crew with alts and ships and come play. Just contact me in tell to make arrangements. :)

Flag Information

Ahoy mates! We welcome all crews to join. Crews may join with 2 titled members to start, more earned with size or merit of the crew. Larger crews may negotiate royalty positions, but otherwise royals are assigned by the monarch, not earned strictly on the number of mates in your crew.

We've got allies on this ocean and ask that our mates respect those alliances. We're currently a member of the 'Alliance of Defiance' (AoD). We're supportive of allied events. Contact a royal for blockade matters, or any officer for seeking jobbers in a large voyage, they can run an /fb or /fo request for you as long as it wont interfere with our own voyages. If you'd like to ally with us, contact the monarch or leave a message with a royal. The monarch is the alliance minister here. Unexpected alliance requests will be ignored.

We have a semi-democratic political structure. Titled members are always welcome to royal meetings, and encouraged to participate in helping shape flag policy. We want each crews views represented! Our titled spots are like a wall of fame. Anyone who's done something great for the flag, might get a title. People who have run successful PR campaigns, fund raisers, former and current captains of crews, former royalty and a wide other mix of talents, skills and great leadership qualities can be found in our titled mates, so please honor them. :)

Flag Stalls/Shoppes

Doing business with flag managed shops is a great way to be supportive of your flag mates! We know that sometimes prices are high. If you're looking for a discount, send a tell to a manager, maybe they can cut you a deal for being a flag mate or friend :)

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