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Hiden is a lovable pirate who has been playing YPP for about three years now, and has had a lot of fun. He is currently a fleet officer in the crew Poseidon's Tricorne. Hiden sails the Sage Ocean. Pirates can find Hiden in Lupus's Manor on Admiral Island, playing poker and Swordfighting, or helping his mates out with a pillage.

Pirate Life

Hiden first heard about the game from a friend, Lupus. So Hiden created an account and was off on his way. At the time there was only one doubloon ocean and that was Viridian. So he played for a couple weeks, just getting into the game by working with the navy. Finally, Hiden joined the crew Cheeky Monkeys where he would spend a lot of his pirate life. Hiden started out as a cabin person but worked his way up to an officer.

As time grew on, however, Cheeky Monkeys thinned out to non-existence. Trying something new Hiden started his own crew called the Ultimate Suckers, but he had a rough time with it, finding that he didn't have time to run his own crew because of real life priorities, so he took a break for long while.

When he decided to get back into it again, he found out that there was another ocean that would home him until this day. That ocean was Sage. Hiden found his friend Lupus, who was still playing, and they hopped from crew to crew as cabin people, trying to find a good one. Later, they landed on Poseidon's Tricorne and were very happy with the crew's friendliness. So Hiden stayed in that crew and once again worked his way up to a fleet officer where he remains to this day.