Poseidon's Tricorne

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Poseidon's Tricorne at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Merla
Senior Officer(s) Allyane, Docktarte, Enteraname, Jakers, Meatstick, Minya, Pacifit, Spellbinding, Subhadra
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation League of Light
Founded 9 October, 2005
Last updated on 9 September, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Poseidon's Tricorne is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of League of Light.


Poseidon's Tricorne was founded on the Sage Ocean 9 October, 2005 by Kneiss and Ravager.

Public statement

Ahoy pirates! :)

IF YOU ARE PART OF THIS CREW! PLEASE READ THE CREW INFO! (especially the rules!!!!) PLUS: Try to register at our crew forum! (there are hints of how to play this game well, and votings for the crew business and crew rules.)

Ahoy again! :P

We are the crew: Poseidon's Tricorne. :)

We are a crew that tries to be big, mature, busy, elite, moneymaking and FUN - all at the same time. :D

Let the waves of Poseidon drift you, Let the waves of Poseidon guide you, to dubs, glory and FUN. ;D

Crew articles

  1. The MOST important rule: NEVER leave in Battle!!!!!! You will be demoted, when it happens more than once - and without a really good explanation, you will even be expelled! You will get a yellow card, if this stuff happens once!!!!! That means: you will be noted!
  2. Try not to join a Pillage if you have to leave after some minutes. Its only worth of it, when you can stay for more than 2 battles!
  3. Always ask PTB "+ the shipname" when you want to board a ship! (It means P=permission T=to B=board) (Only if a pillage is just about beeing started, and shouted out in the crewchat, everyone may join without PTB.)
  4. Never play games or do other duty on a ship than the "pillaging-duty".
  5. NEVER offend your crewmates!!!! We are a nice crew! I guess, the nicest on ALL Puzzlepirates-oceans. :) We do not tolerate rudness and offendings! :)

Promotion requirements

  • Cabin Person: You can always join us as a cabin person
  • Pirate: You become Pirate with some experience (at least one broad) and some good ratings! (Mostly we look for the swordfighting and the gunnery-rating. We take ratings really important!)
  • Officer: You become an officer after staying a while in our crew, having some great stats, beeing part of the community, plus: beeing a relyable part of the crew. (And you should have started to train battle-navigating before we rank you as an officer!)
  • Fleet Officer: After officers did a great job for some time, they become offered the FO-test. (How this test looks like can be read in the forum.)
  • Senior Officer: After staying fleet officer for some time (or officer for a loooooong time), and beeing an important part of the community, you become a senior officer.

Officers that want to join us from other crews have to start as pirates first! But (if they are good) they can advance faster to the ranks than others! If they seem good enough, we promote them mostly to officers after looking for them for 2 days !!!

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