Greeced Fists

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Greeced Fists at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Senior Officer(s) Bootcha
Politics Democratic
Shares The Cruel Shelf
Flag Affiliation Independent
Founded 27 June, 2007
Last updated on 22 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Founded by Kingpriam in the Summer of 2007, Greeced Fists was created with the sole purpose of harboring any and all pirates who preferred rumbling over swordfighting: Rather than pillaging brigands, members of the crew would hunt down barbarians; seeking out Zombies, rather than Skellingtons.

While their numbers have remained small, they have also (at one time) made up a clear majority of the ocean’s top ten rumblers (including alternate characters).

What the Greeced Fists lack in political participation they more than make-up with their unending marathon of rumbling tournaments. While it has always been in the spirit of the crew to host such events, it is with the recent absence of automated rumbling tournaments that the Greeced Fists have attempted to fill the void regularly.

Public Statement

Dip your fists of furious pounding into the greasy fountains of barbarians blood!

Extended Public Statement

If you prefer the brutal bashing of barbarian bodies over the civilized slicing of sissy swords, then Greeced Fists is where your rumbling romp belongs.

The purpose of this crew is to employ pirates that either have a passion or a knack for rumbling, zombie-hunting, and pillaging barbarians. Ranks in the crew are assigned based on skill and loyalty, and are assigned thusly:

  • Cabin Person, Punching-bag: Anyone who wishes to join.
  • Pirate, White-belt: Requires a rating of Broad/Renowned or higher in rumbling.
  • Officer, Sensei: Requires a rating of Solid/Grand-Master of higher in rumbling.
  • Fleet Officer, Wreckingball: Requires a rating of Solid/Legendary or higher in rumbling.
  • Senior Officer, Walking Massacre: Requires a rating of Weighty/Ultimate or higher in rumbling.

Few exceptions will be made, though the first rule of to have fun and kick arse!

Greeced Fists welcomes all with open...fists...

Kingpriam Captain and Founder of Greeced Fists

Rumble Tournaments

The chronicling of hosted tournaments did not begin until September, inspired by the resignation of daily automated tournaments. While a number of these tournaments provide prizes of varying worth, the crew makes a point to provide whatever spoils they have available.

Prizes for these tournaments are provided by Kingpriam, Gogu, Springheel, Dchow, and a number of other generous pirates.

Broken Bottle Bar Brawl!


Everyone Gets a BJ!


Brooch the Gap!


Rumble of the Citadel!


Halloween Killed the Atlantean Star!


Everyone Wants Gogu's Bone!


Gogu's Bone in Yer Eye!


Wipe Your Hands, Before you Eat!


Drunk Behind the Wheel!


Where Have All the Tournies Gone?


Zombie Droppings!


hApPeE HhaRooOweeeNn!


Bone for the Queen!


Swordfighting Tournaments

While the Greeced Fists do not make a habit of hosting swordfighting tournaments often, the crew still sympathizes with the lack of automated tournaments for the puzzle.

Women Have Strong Character!


SF Sympathy Star!


Pirate with a Bone to Pick!