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Sage Ocean

Gangrel began his pirate career on May 8th, 2006 in the Sage Ocean. He made two friends while there (Crip and Moneypenny) and joined his first crew Armageddon. About a month later his friend Crip told him the crew was moving to the Hunter Ocean and wanted him to join him. Gangrel then left Sage Ocean and moved on to Hunter Ocean.

Hunter Ocean

After moving to Hunter, he couldn't find his friend anywhere so he decided to settle down on Aimuari Island. Still not knowing what to really do he moved from crew to crew until he finally found a home in the crew -Epic- under the flag Varsity. There was where he really started to understand how to really play the game. He befriended a few crew members such as the legendary Faeviolet. Finally feeling at home, and helping the crew and flag to reach its fame in anyway he could, they finally were number one in the ocean. Shortly after, however, their reputation crumbled after Deathsenemy left.

Gangrel parted ways with -Epic- and followed Faeviolet to her new crew Fae's Wrath under the flag Fae's Rebellion later changed to Havoc. Not too long after that, Faeviolet was banned and Gangrel was without a crew again. Finding a new crew with nice officers was hard to come by until he came across the crew -Frozen- under the flag Razorblade Romance. Commanded by Zeroblaze and followed by the nicest and respectful officers, Gangrel once again found a home. While in -Frozen- Gangrel's main goal was to find some friends, since he only knew Faeviolet after he moved. After a few months of being active, Gangrel became friends with almost all officers in the crew and achieves the rank of officer for the first time. He also became close friends with Lauri, another officer in the crew, and later had an in game marriage. This only lasted for a few months and Lauri soon left the crew and became inactive. As a year went on, he was named carpenter of the crew and also gained the rank of fleet officer, senior officer and the flag rank of lord. The flag Razonblade Romance was later changed to Access Denied after Zeroblaze, Redspyke and Cheezits got together.

A notable war was also happening during this time when the crew Castigo X sank one of -Frozen-'s ships after there was an agreement to disengage at the start of battle. The news spread quickly and Access Denied filled every ship they could, as often as possible, and went on a Castigo X ship hunt. Sometime later the blockade of Alkaid Island finally arose and was the final battle between Castigo X and Access Denied. Access Denied defended Alkaid Island and the war was over. After Zeroblaze retired from piracy, a love triangle and a few other issues, his crew member Intrigue told him rumor of a new ocean and wanted him to travel there and join their crew. So being in a few situations he wanted to forget about, he moved to Malachite Ocean the day after it was discovered.

Malachite Ocean

Coming in to Malachite Ocean, Gangrel joined the crew Sharper Wit under the flag Naughty Nerds ran by Sheeran. Only really knowing Intrigue he felt out of place but was quickly ranked as fleet officer, carpenter and later prince of the flag. Gangrel also started his second romance with Intrigue. After starting all over and raising his stats, running pillages, joining blockades and other activities, there was a rift between Gangrel and Intrigue which led to them parting ways. After so it seemed like the crew was mad at him, making him feel out of place again, he decided to leave the crew and help his friend Archery run his recently made crew Devine Rapier. It wasn't too long after that there was a misunderstanding between Archery and a crew member about selling ship supplies and stealing money, Archery was banned and the crew was soon later disbanded. Gangrel then went independent for awhile jobbing for various crews and found himself jobbing for one crew a lot often than others.

Gangrel then joined the crew Fluff You under the flag Drive-By led by Voodoodoll. Upon joining the crew he was ranked officer and was named carpenter of the crew. He really didn't stay in the crew that long before he left and tried his hand at his own crew. Gangrel created his crew The Brood and joined the flag Drive-By. Just about a month after that he found that he was getting nowhere with his crew, he merged it with Fluff You and left the crew. Gangrel again jobbed from crew to crew and caught the eye of of a senior officer of the crew -Poe Hungry Pillagers-. He was then added to the crew under the flag Infamous Rapscallions, and was made fleet officer, later senior officer, carpenter and gunner of the crew. The crew later left the flag to make their own, Captains Coalition, and Gangrel was titled as prince. During this time he became really close to a senior officer of the crew, Cecyria, which sparked his third romance and they later were married. A little after joining the crew, the captain Xay fizzled out of the game and the crew was passed on to him. Shocked and feeling excited yet not too sure about the idea, because the failure to see his own crew take off, he passed on the captainship to Corno a few weeks later. The crew made a few more passes until it finally rested on Mrbones. After the crew settled down, Gangrel decided to try his hand at his own crew one more time with the help of Cecyria. He remade The Brood and made his own flag Blood Bath. Again, after the failure to draw in jobbers and members, Gangrel disbanded the crew and went independent once again.

Gangrel stayed independent for a few months before joining -PHP-, once again still ran by Mrbones. The flag was later changed to Argosy run by Unca and Gangrel was made senior officer and carpenter of the crew again. Gangrel started to become inactive for short periods of time which caused some problems for him and Cecyria which led them to break up. After the break up, Gangrel stepped away from piracy for a year.

Meridian Ocean

In September 2011 Gangrel returned to the newly merged ocean Meridian Ocean (Malachite Ocean + Veridian Ocean). Gangrel was excited that this could attract more pirates but this also caused a problem within the flag. A week later -PHP- left Argosy in hopes that things would get better. After leaving, -PHP- enjoyed not having to deal with drama anymore and focused on just being a flagless crew. However there was less chatter and things seemed quiet again even though there was a merge. Gangrel then began jobbing for countless crews and playing countless tournaments while waiting for things to pick up again in the crew. Nothing seemed to change until Gangrel's little brother Masterx returned. Gangrel began to train Masterx to become a good officer in -PHP- and together they joined in anything they could make money in. They soon joined a blockade over Dendrite Island with Gun's Blazing and, after all the blockades he's been through, gets injured losing a hand in the process.

Gangrel soon becomes captain, for the second time in the crew, after Mrbones steps down due to being regularly inactive saying the crew should have an active captain and he is not fit for the position anymore. Unlike last time, this was expected and has been talked for a couple weeks before Mrbones stepped down. Gangrel takes the position in hopes he can make a difference in -PHP-.

Meridian and Emerald Oceans

Gangrel's crew finally rejoined the flag Argosy after the few months away from them and the departures of others in it. He was also given the title of Prince of Argosy. Soon thereafter Gangrel once again had problems preventing him to do his duty as captain properly and took a few months leave of absence after passing down the title of captain to Niobetha.

When Gangrel returned, he felt that he let down the crew as he took control of it yet passed it off to someone else right after becoming captain. Still wanting to run a crew, Gangrel decided to part ways with -PHP-, as he felt he failed them and didn't deserve to be captain again. He resurrected his crew The Brood under his flag Blood Bath. Not expecting much to happen within the crew or flag he would stick with it and not disband it for a third time.

Due to the lack of pirates around Meridian Ocean, Gangrel takes leave and heads to Emerald Ocean to make as his new home.

Gangrel finally makes his return to his former home Hunter Ocean (now called Emerald Ocean after the merge). He was quickly reunited with an old friend Rilee and joined the crew Queen's Realm, under the flag The Swarm, ran by Queenbeez. Within a month of joining Queen's Realm, Gangrel slowly starts to become a land lubber doing nothing but side jobs such as helping other pirates evade battles at sea, foraging for gold and working at the stalls. The sea still calls to him and one day he will return.

During a skellie fray, Gangrel runs into a Captain known as Doomkitty. As they begin talking about crews and a bit about their past, they realized they had quite a bit in common when it came to crew maintenance and issues. She told him that she would really love to have him in her crew and after a brief debate he went ahead and join the crew Broken Crayons under the flag Crayon Box. Its been ages since Gangrel has been this excited of joining a crew and could not wait to make a name for himself. He was made Fleet Officer and Carpenter of the crew and held some responsibilities of training new would be officers.

After some time with the crew Gangrel found himself in another triangle with Doomkitty and the Senior Officer Bellajuliet. Gangrel ended up starting a relationship with Bella which caused some friction with Doomkitty and himself. This led to less chat between the two and oddly enough less chat between the Higher ranked officers with the rest of the crew. This became an issue with some members (including Gangrel and Bella) and led them to leave the crew. Bella created her own crew with Gangrel by the name of Just Breathe under the flag Breathe No More. After the creation of the crew Gangrel suddenly vanished from the world of pirates. He wasn't heard of again until seven months later where he found out that the crew had grown pretty well and Bella was with someone else. Gangrel knew that this was a possiblity and didnt blame Bella for moving on without him. He congratulated her on how well her crew as grown and decided to move to the newly discovered Obsidian Ocean.

Obsidian Ocean

Upon moving to this new ocean Gangrel joined the crew Suspicious Activity under the flag Nothing to Sea Here which was ran by Jollyanna. He opened up a couple of stalls and pretty much stayed on land. After nearly a year of moving Obsidian he began to think about everything he has been through from moving ocean to ocean, the many relationships he's been in and the highs and lows throughout his career, but one thing that stuck with him that he really missed was Cecyria. She meant everything to him and made him want to be the best pirate that he could be to her. No matter what they were doing, from reloading cannons, due to her trigger happy personality, or just chatting all night long until they fall asleep, nothing was better than her. And in May of 2018, Gangrel set out to sea one more time in hopes he could possibly find her again. one has heard of him since...

-Ocean Status-

Sage Ocean (May 2006 - June 2006)

Hunter Ocean (June 2006 - May 2008)

Malachite Ocean (May 2008 - Feburary 2012)

Meridean Ocean (Feburary 2012 - September 2016)

Emerald Ocean (September 2016 - July 2017???)

Obsidian Ocean (July 2017 - May 2018)


Gangrel's only accomplishments were all made on Meridian Ocean.

  • First ultimate trophy (Drinking)
  • Ranked #35 in Carpentry experience
  • Fourth place in Carpentry event (November 16, 2008)

Fun facts

In case pirates did not know

  • There are two alternate pirates: Frostbite and Misty
  • Favorite sword is the rapier
  • Favorite colors are black and red
  • Favorite stations are Carpentry and Gunnery
  • Got his name from the WWE wrestler
  • Gangrel, Frostbite and Misty are all characters in the stories he has written
  • Wants to be a Brigand King
  • Continues to sail the seas in hopes of one day Cecyria will come back to him.