Rising Mist

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Rising Mist at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Risingmist (dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Kristey
Politics oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Total Effin Chaos
Founded 23 April, 2006
Last updated on 25 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Rising Mist is a crew sailing the Emerald Ocean, under the leadership of Ashdo. It flies the flag Total Effin Chaos.

History of Rising Mist

Rising Mist was originally founded by Deathsenemy on April 23, 2006 under the name -Epic-. In October 2006 they were a part of the flag Varsity when it collapsed. Although the crew fell apart with the flag, a new captain, Ashdo, seized control and began rebuilding the crew under the new name of Rising Mist in late 2006.

The crew spent quite a bit of time atop the Crew Fame list on the Hunter Ocean, but was replaced by The Salty Mouthfuls in September 2006.

In May 2008 Rising Mist was merged into the crew Shangri'La. In April 2010, Shangri'La was merged into Complaint Department which was renamed back to Rising Mist.

Under the captain Disturbance, also known as Lilmizzrissa, Limizzrissa or Rissarissa, the crew aimed to rebuild with new and old members to hit the fame list again.

The crew was previously part of the flag Flesh Wound, and then Total Effin Chaos.

Public Statement

We would be happy to have you join our small group of friends. Ask any Officer above to join and ranks will be determined upon stats. Please note most of this crew are from viridian ocean if you will doubt us on our stats here. We are a warm friendly, active crew that is willing to help when needed. <3

Ranks will be discussed upon joining. If you have any questions or want more information please talk to one of Senior Officers. Officers will need have a brief conversation about restock levels, maxing levels. Please note Fleet Officers and Senior Officers are not ranks given right off the bat. These are handed out on a day to day basis, and will need trust.

Yar Mates! Welcome to Rising Mist


The battles were raging out in the seas of Hunter Ocean…

The battles were long and hard but the crews that surpassed the obstacles came out strong... They beat all the crews that were brave enough to challenge them. One brave crew that night was brave enough to challenge them. They saw themselves in a bad situation after a few minutes in the battle.

Their leader said “this is the battle; it will show our fate and fight hard crew.” A few minutes after a strong wind brought them to a wreck less mess. They battled gun shots and heavy winds and rocks. Suddenly the other boat grappled them but before it happened suddenly they were wrecked. The boat was smashed and in millions of pieces. The crew members were all unconscious and they didn’t know what happened.

A heavy mist rose above them. They thought of it as a sign. They felt it was the beginning of a new era or a new journey. Their old captain left them and a new leader arose. This leader had everything they wished in a captain. The captain Ashdo, arose and said that we will never back down and give up. We will fight through thick and thin. This mysterious mist has not yet seemed to leave and does not show signs of leaving. The crew has been renamed to the Rising Mist, because of this mysterious event. We believe that the Mist has powers and will raise us to new heights! We are known as Rising Mist, be brave young pirates….

Go out and battle those pirates and find yourselves trapped in this mysterious mist!

~Written by Lilmizzrissa~ ****

** Please note, we are QUITE happy with our flag: Prevalent and would not like to join your flag. So do not bug disturbance with flag invites.**


Please note Rising Mist will not be merging into any crews, but we do accept merges into this crew. Have any questions, send a tell to Disturbance. :)

-Crew colors= Light Blue, Black or White <3<3

Promotion Requirements

Cabin Person: Join us by a pillage to be a full member of Rising Mist

Pirate: Narrow Experience in Sailing, Carpentry, Bilging, and Gunning.

Officer: The requirements for Officer are as follows : 5 Solids, one being Bnav, all Master or above standing. Contact Hamandcheese or Macg for Training and/or Testing.

Fleet Officer: Bnav: Solid/Renowned, Bilge, Sail, Carp, Gun: Solid/Master or above. Also must pass FO test and be trusted by SO's and Captain.

Senior Officer: Must be a trusting and loyal member to the crew , a member for at least 5 months and with competent Battle Navigation against Brigands and Player Ships.

Just ask any So or officer or even the Captain herself and we will gladly allow you into this crew! :)

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