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Queenbeez is captain of the crew Queen's Realm created on March 30 2009 and is also the queen of the flag The Swarm on the Hunter Ocean.


Queenbeez started puzzle pirates late January 2007, after her real life friend convinced her it was more enjoyable than playing the card game 500 online. She spent her early days playing Heart and Spades at the inn, until one day she discovered pillaging.

She was invited to her first and only crew (before her own), Redder's Rebels, when she was the last pirate standing in a Sword Fight fray – she still can’t remember how that happened – beginner’s luck? Over the coming year she slowly built herself up to be senior officer, culminating in temporary captain of that crew on and off for around four months whilst the captain was on holidays/moving house.

Having caught the captaincy bug, she formed her own crew, Queen’s Realm on 30th March, 2009. A few days later her flag, The Swarm was born. Queen’s Realm crew to become number 2 before their first birthday. In mid March, 2010 The Swarm acquired Anegada Island when they won an event blockade to give the isle away by Illusion.

Queenbeez number1 stalker was himmy >:D tagged by :himmy