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Fignet begun anew on crimson, hoping that his time as a greeter would ensure that he could advise, protect and help the new pirates flocking to the ocean. He quickly raised his stats, and became a senior officer in the crew; Crimson Allegiance.

Owning a shipyard and ironmongers, Fignet is now ready to help make sure that Crimson develops to its fullest potential.


Fignet began life on Aimuari Island, blinking into the beating down sun. Already knowing his way around Puzzle Pirates, he got to work immediately. He is a fleet officer in Igneous Pneuma to help his friend Mattchewy's crew build up their ranks for his return.

Fignet's crew asks him to return to playing on Hunter Ocean instead of Crimson.


  • Joined the crew Neptunes Wraith (now defunct and formerly called some other name)
  • Helped create the flag Neptunes Royal Wraith (defunct) and became a royal while being a senior offcier
  • Instigated, planned and greatly contributed to; the rise of both Neptunes Wraith (crew) and Neptunes Royal Wraith (flag) to 6th in fame on hunter and 11th in fame on Hunter respectively.
  • Left and created the crew Parking Space Needed and reaped the benefits of being captain for a while, while having pushed his friend Mattchewy to leave Neptunes Wraith to make his own crew, Igneous Pnuema and flag Neptunes Storm Riders (which sadly caused the fall of Neptunes Wraith, apparently, they were supporting it too much).
  • Lately has been making very good use of the expeditions and been attacking merchant sloops left, right, and center.