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Elementz at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Mauretti
Senior Officer(s) Lunita
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Portugal
Founded 23 July, 2007
Last updated on 16 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info

Elementz is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Portugal.


Founded on July 23, 2007 .

Public Statement

go went gone

Crew Articles

  • Jumping Ship: No problems with anybody leaving a ship just please DON'T leave during battle, and always inform the officer on board.
  • Following Orders: All crew members are expected to follow the orders of the officers in charge. They have a lot of experience of the game and have the crew's best interests at heart.
  • Begging And Spamming: No begging or spamming whilst on vessels or crew chat.

Don't forget to have fun :D

Promotion Requirements

Icon pirate.png Pirate

Role:- A member of the crew who pillages with the crew, who has the basic knowledge of pillages, teaming, and rules!

Requirements:- Must have a Pirate badge...

Icon officer.png Officer

Role:- To take pillages, teach Pirates, assist FO's and above in the bigger pillages. Learn how to be an XO and finally, yet also very important, recruitment!!

Requirements:- Must have Officers badge (Costs 8 Dubs from the Palace shoppe), and have Broad in ALL Piracy Stats with a skill level above able including BROAD experience with a RESPECTED standing as a MINIMUM in B'nav. Finally, pass the Officers Test.

Icon fleet officer.png Fleet Officer

Role:- This role is for those Officers with great potential! FO's are the leading work force of the crew, much like SO's in other crews structures. Responsible for Scouting new officers and training, holding WB pillages, XO training and XO duties on WF and GF pillages, and motivation of the crew!!

Requirements:- Must have Officers Badge (Same badge as required for an officer!), own at least 1 Ship and have solid in ALL Piracy Stats and ALL Above able, Renowned in B'nav as a minimum! To Be Considered for FO status you must be a member of the officers' team who pillages regularly, and is noted in doing so by your seniors!

Icon senior officer.png Senior Officer

Role:- Very much like the Captain, responsible for maintaining the crew and its structure! Dealing with discipline, funds, events, meetings, mates etc!! Also aiding the Captain with important decisions. SO's are Captains in their own right and they have all the responsibilities to do such!

Requirements:- Captains choice will be based on your pillaging skills, crew interaction, how well you train and how well you do your job in general. Only the captain chooses you... don't ask to be SO!