Dogs Of War

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Dog Of War at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Lansky
Senior Officer(s) Biote, Colflagg, Eccles, Emppumiilia, Karuru
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Cry Havoc
Founded 12 July, 2005
Last updated on 5 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Dogs Of War is a crew on the Meridian Ocean.

Founders of the flag Cry Havoc, they are a close knit crew of friends gathered together for fun and a dose of random weirdness.

General Info

Headed by Captain Eccles, the crew is a varied group of pirates, but are very loyal and support each other with their knowledge and skills. They pillage, hold crew and flag events, and generally have a good time, but when they work, they work hard.

You'll find no beggars here, and slackers don't make it far. If you are friendly, honest, and willing to make an effort, you will be welcome as a friend.

General Rules

  1. Be polite and nice to everyone.
  2. Don't send a tell to the bnaver during battles as it disturbs them. Also, do not be a backseat battle naver! LOL
  3. Obey OFFICERS.
  4. Don't leave during battles. You will get a minus share if ye do.
  5. If you are a pirate of the crew, don't gun unless you are ordered to do so. If you gun without permission, ye may be /planked without warning.
  6. Don't shout in vessels. Shouting is intended to be for crew's officers only.
  7. If ye own a vessel, please write your name down on officer bulletin. If ye are not an officer, please ask any officer to do it for ye.
  8. HAVE FUN =)

Officer Rules

  1. Don't leave ships on uninhabited island.
  2. Restock the ship after using it as its suggested on officer bulletin of the ship.
  3. All hold items that are located on the ship before ye take it out should not be touched. Foraged/Pillaged items from when ye used the ship should be sold and used for restock. Anything left after that is yours.
  4. Leftovers from restock money belongs to the bnaver (commanding officer). This is intended to be an incentive for all officers to take ships out and pillage.

Lastly, Have fun, these policies are not to keep you from enjoying the game, but actually to enhance everyone's experience. Lets get out there and rock the seas, so we can blockade soon!


  • Pirate: must be yellow and have one bold skill in piracy.
  • Officer: 1st- work hard, show that you can be trusted. 2nd- must be Lt. Commander in the Navy. 3rd-get your stats up, solid in bilge, carp, gunning, and sails. 4th- have two Master or higher in any two of sail, guns, Bilge or carp. 5th must have Solid in nav. 6th-. Broad & Distinguished in Battle Nav 7th- get endorsements from 2 SOs, they will train you. 8th-be a member of the forums. 9th- Continue working on your stats and experience. Last read the following;
  • Fleet Officer: again get 2 SOs to endorse you, and get approval from Captain. The SOs will train you again. This postition holds the responsibility to: 1. Pillage or help others pillage at least 2 times per week, unless you are gone. 2. Set an example. 3. Be welcoming to new members. This position means you not only have the skills/stats but are completely trusted.
  • Senior Officer: SOs must possess more than skills/stats. SO means ye have leadership qualities. Asking makes ye less likely to be invited.

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