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Devilmaster is a senior officer of the crew Too Drunk To Plunder and a member of the flag Tyranny on the Cerulean Ocean. He sailed the Midnight Ocean.


Devilmaster originally started playing in October of 2006 on the Hunter Ocean. He moved to Midnight in the summer of 2007.

His monkey, Devil's Advocate, was a gift from Shadowwerss. The monkey was found in a monthly give-away box by Shadowwerss, now known as Newjersey. On Valentine's Day 2012, Devil's Advocate was traded to Amelia for the monkey he renamed for her, Chimchar.

Opened a monthly reward box and claimed his tan/banana parrot (working name, but not official name, Zapdos) on May 11th, 2012. Since then he traded away the parrot, and that pirate did name the parrot Zapdos.

He has been in a number of crews and flags with some being notable:

He resides in Life During Wartime on Byrne.

As of January 12, 2011, is known to be sailing around with Amelia.

Currently Devilmaster is ranked senior officer in the crew Too Drunk To Plunder.


Icon iron monger.png Owns: Dreams of Steel on Beta Island.

Icon iron monger.png Owns: Event Ore-izon on Beta Island.

Icon shipyard.png Owns: Life During Wartime on Byrne Island.

Icon weavery.png Owns: Loom Is a Harsh Mistress on Beta Island.

Icon furnisher.png Manages: Tunnel of Loveseats on Park Island.

Icon shipyard.png Manages: Fundamentals of Buoyancy on Eta Island.

Icon estate agent.png Manages: Houses In Motion on Byrne Island.

Icon apothecary.png Manages: Enamel Mine on Beta Island.