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Crazynancy is currently a captain and flirt of the crew Dragon Riders, queen of the flag Firestorm, and commander in the Fintan Island Navy. She sails the Cobalt Ocean.


Crazynancy washed up on Cobalt on November 2005. She changed between some crews and soon joined up with Dragon Riders. She started as a pirate, but stayed with the crew and rose through the ranks to become a senior officer and a half year later a captain.

Her home was recently on Sakejima Island in the Persephone's Penthouse manor, now she lives in the Newgrange villa. Crazynancy owns iron monger stalls on Labyrinth Moors, a distilling stall on Labyrinth Moors, a tailoring stall on Labyrinth Moors and a furnishing stall on Labyrinth Moors.

Crazynancy has memorized all routes in the Jade Archipelago and Onyx Archipelago and most of routes in Garnet Archipelago on the Cobalt Ocean.

Contributions and Awards

  • Captain of Dragon Riders
  • Queen of Firestorm