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Chop is currently searching for an appropriate crew to place himself on the Cobalt Ocean.



Chop discovered YPP in March of 2005, and subscribed in May after jobbing on one of Demoneye's pillages. He worked his way up through Serial Pillagers's ranks leading up to their successful blockade at Tigerleaf Mountain and became a prince soon thereafter. He met many new friends, including Foilistc, and Charisma, participating in many pillages with the two.

Eventually, Chop found himself more often on Imperial Margarine ships than Art of War boats, so he followed some ex-Serial Pillagers into the crew Kali's Grace, under the Imperial Margarine flag. Kali's later became an independent crew, then merged into Uncommon Valor. Silliness ensued, resulting in Chop joining friends in Imperial Pillagers, just before it disintegrated.

After a period of semi-retirement and the continuing exploration of other oceans under the pseudonym 'Capslock', Chop has begun visiting Cobalt to enjoy the poker table, trading out of his tailor on Lima Island He and Flip the Bird can still be found pillaging as well as hunting sea monsters, while dreaming of an *almost* perfect, far-off island on an ocean of dreams.