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For the flag Charisma on the Hunter Ocean, see Charisma (Hunter).

Charisma is senior officer and first mate of Imperial Pillagers, and princess of the flag Imperial Margarine.


  • Charisma is an occasional contributor to The Weekly Cobaltian.
  • She has been instrumental in the success of the many 500K Brig Pillages that her crew have hosted.
  • Often called the glue that bonds the pillagers together.
  • Served briefly as the captain of Imperial Pillagers.



Charisma played as Esmy on Midnight.


Her captain Foilistc is her piratey love. She can be found pillaging, running the shipyard, The Black Ship, or brawling at her estate with Lexus the monkey on her shoulder.


  • Won the Black Sheep's Solo PvP event.
  • Won a blue orchid trinket for being top Ultimate Bilger in the Ultimate Puzzling Competition [1]
  • Won the sloop Top Gunner and red ribbon trinket for coming in 2nd in the Daily Dose of Iron Gunning Competition. [2]


Charisma co-owns two familiars with Foilistc on Cobalt: a yellow monkey (Butters), and a grey monkey (Lexus). They were named after the South Park characters of Butters, and the waitress he falls in love with at Raisins, Lexus. Foilistc holds Butters, and Charisma holds Lexus.