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Castawayjoe is a senior officer of the crew Glubber Lubbers and a member of the flag Riot on the Midnight Ocean. He can usually be found on Alpha Docks.


Castawayjoe enjoys participating in blockades and going on greeter duty, as well as browsing the forums. His favorite puzzles are Swordfighting, Shipwrightery, Carpentry, Foraging, and Blacksmithing.

Castawayjoe enjoys entering events, especially those involving writing. He has also participated in many in-game events, including several races, bake-offs, and scavenger hunts. He hopes one day to win or earn a familiar.

He has played in several ROMS games, and served as moderator for ROMS IX.

ROMS Scenes: VI, 6.5, 6.875, VII, VIII, 8.25, 8.75, 9.0, 9.25, X, 11.5, XII, XIII, XV, XVI.


  • Won an honourable mention in Apollo's "Easter Easel 2009: Multo (9th April)" event. The prize was Multo's prize-winning egg.
  • Won Apollo's "Easter Easel 2009: Merethif I (5th April)" event on the Forums with his entry, "How to Write Piratical Poetry" by D. Rime and Demeter. The prize was a maroon daisy and Merethif's second prize-winning egg.
  • Received a Y!PP tote bag and deck of cards, as well as a signet ring trinket, for winning 4th place in the Witches On Switches poetry event [1].
  • Won a green rose on Malachite for taking third place in the Write an Island [2] event.
  • Received a red bone for his spooky drabble Gaea's Friday the Thirteenth event [3].
  • Was mentioned in a fashion most honorable after writing a tale of the Wicked Witch in Feylind's "<Insert Name Here> in Another Piratey Adventure" competition [4].
  • Finalist for Gretchen Goldfang in the Brigand King Philosphers event [5].
  • Enjoyed writing a poem for an event that was never judged [6].
  • Won a Y!PP mousepad and a medal for his verses in the Epic Shanty event [7].
  • 4th place in Bubbaspike's Batten Down the Hatches event [8].
  • Won a Thalia egg, among other things, for his Antediluvian Conch cookie [9].
  • Received a black elephant and a cat for entries in Poetryck or Treat [10] [11] [12].
  • Wrote a Halloween haiku [13].
  • 4th place in Poetic Injustice, part of Piplicus' in-game send off event.
  • Won 1st place in Composition Composers (version 2).
  • Won a Faeree Egg from the Sapphire Eggstravaganza.
  • Had fun penning a poem for Easter Easel [14].
  • Entered the Sea Chest writing event.
  • Manage to booch instruction following for the Doodle of 4/15/09, but felt rather pleased with the result anyway [15].
  • In fact, loves entering doodles in general [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21].