Booty Bashers

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Booty Bashers at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Andrax
Senior Officer(s) Imeanit, Kerchangy, Kwicks, Peleon
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Legacy-East
Founded 19 April, 2009
Last updated on 26 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Booty Bashers is a crew on the Meridian Ocean. They are famous for running Atlantis trips.

Public Statement

Only Smexy People Allowed! So come join Booty Bashers! We’re a very Active Crew and theres always something going on + we need you bigtime!

Also get yourself a hawtish LIGHTGREEN with BLACK/WHITE outfit to show that you're an one and only Booty Basher =d

Crew Articles

  1. Ask PTB (> Permission To Board) in crewchat if you wanna board a Sloop – War Brig. And wait for the Officer in charge to answer you.
  2. Never leave a ship when it is in battle or you’ll get -1.
  3. No lazing allowed when you’re on sea, unless you got permission of the officer in charge.
  4. No useless spamming allowed in crew or officer chat, after warning without a change, demotion will follow.
  5. Always restock after pillaging, if you don't a demotion will follow.
  6. No begging allowed or you get demoted
  7. No stealing or you will get expelled
  8. No expelling of crewmemmies for fun, you will get demoted.
  9. When a crewmemmie asks you to talk English, you're obligated to do that.
  10. Respect each other and have fun =)

SMH Rules

  • NO officer is allowed to touch the "start fray" button in a SMH unless you're MAA. - Also NO planking without the permission of the OIC. If you do, demotion will follow.
  • If you wanna do a SMH in some days you have to announce the Atlantis in the Issues. You can only do this in the 24 hours before the trip starts. (Announcing days earlier aint accepted)
  • If there is already a SMH out and you wanna go yourself (and no one has announced), you will only be granted to go if the person leading the first SMH LET YOU, if not you have to wait.
  • If you go SMH, check issues first if you have enough time to finish yours before an announced SMH will start. Because the announced SMH will always be in preference over an unannounced SMH.


Cabin Person

  • 1 tip: work on ya stats


  • 1 broad


  • Respected+ battle navigation
  • Not allowed to do pvp’s
  • Use your own ships unless you got permission to use somebody else's

Fleet Officer

  • Master+ battle navigation
  • Only promoted after a 1 week stay in Booty Bashers
  • Trusted by the Captain

Senior Officer


  • The Captain is and will be Andrax