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Blackheart can be found among the pirates sailing the great Sage Ocean.

Positions and Contributions


Blackheart was with the crew Defenders of Truth for nearly a year, from his early days of piratehood. Shortly after aiding Verus Fidelitas in their first blockade, successfully taking Caravanserai Island, Blackheart and his real life wife, Alkara decided it was time to begin their own crew and flag. So, after agreeing to split the responsibilities of Captaincy and Monarchy, the crew Standard of Honor and the flag Honor Above All were born.

On Tuesday, March 20th, 2007, after a long struggle, Blackheart finally clawed his way up to the #1 spot on Sage for Drinking. Having earned that trophy, he promptly began ignoring his rating.

On Saturday, July 17th, 2010, after spending years hoping for a hook, or any injury, Blackheart received his Soggy Boot trophy, after the war frigate he was navving sank to friendly fire during a 'kade in which Tea and Strumpets took Spaniel Island from The Widow Queen. This solidified his belief that he is invincible, as he still has never had a single injury.

Blackheart has long since stepped down as monarch of Honor Above All, and left Puzzle Pirates for some time to visit a place known only as "real life." For a time, he could be found hanging out with Orestes, "where old salts go to retire." However, the clarion call of home eventually brought him back to Honor Above All, where he is quite happy being a senior officer in Twilight Resurrected. These days he's a bit more active again.