Honor Above All

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Honor Above All at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Robdmind of Eternal Twilight (Crew rename?!? Founded dates are different from previous...)
Member crew(s) ACME Inc, Back To Basics, The Cronies, Eternal Twilight, Mildly Amusing, Pirates of Penzance-West, We RAWR Pirates
Founded 15 April, 2007
Allies None
Wars None
Last updated on 11 October, 2016
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Honor Above All is a flag of the Emerald Ocean formerly of Sage, founded April 15, 2007.

Public statement

"Of all the properties which belong to honorable men, not one is so highly prized as that of character." -- Henry Clay

Extended public statement

Do you have an experienced crew? And is your crew looking for a place to call home? Talk to one of our royals about joining our flag!

Our flag's shipyard on Caravanserai Island, 'Slow Ride', is always looking for hard workers; take a job there today, and make a fair wage towards your badge!


Rather fail in honor than succeed in fraud.

Honorable blockade history

19 May 2007 -

At Blockade Ashkelon III, Honor Above All faught in their 1st flag blockade against T-N-T and while sorely defeated, made such a good and sportsmanlike impression upon Kait and the T-N-T (aka LUSH) alliance that they received an invitation to join LUSH directly following the blockade.

2 June 2007 -

At Blockade Bowditch I, Honor Above All made an appearance for the opening event of Bowditch Island, primarily to help their good friends in Hardcore Explorers who inevitably won the blockade and obtained the island.

9 June 2007 -

At Blockade Blackthorpe X, Honor Above All defeated Eternal Glory and took ownership of Blackthorpe Island under the initial governance of Alkara.

17 June 2007 -

At Blockade Blackthorpe XI, Honor Above All's island became the first inhabited island on Sage to be attacked by a Brigand King. Admiral Finius, after having his ship scuttled and sunk at sea, retaliated but was outmaneuvered. Honor Above All retained ownership of Blackthorpe Island.

7 July 2007 -

At Blockade Blackthorpe XII, Honor Above All successfully defended their island against Heaven's Demons. Historically, this battle being the 12th blockade for Blackthorpe Island, made Blackthorpe the most blockaded island on Sage ocean to date.

14 July 2007 -

At Blockade Caravanserai IX, Honor Above All defeated Brigand Queen Gretchen Goldfang of Jinx and took ownership of Caravanserai Island under the governance of Alkara.

22 July 2007 -

At Blockade Caravanserai X, Eternal Glory defeated Honor Above All and obtained ownership of Caravanserai Island.

19 August 2007 -

At Blockade Blackthorpe XIII, Honor Above All successfully defended Blackthorpe Island against Toil and Trouble. Blackthorpe maintained its standing as the most blockaded island on Sage in this 13th battle.

18 November 2007 -

At Blockade Blackthorpe XIV, Blackthorpe was attacked by the flotilla of Brigand King Barnabus the Pale of Chthonic Horde. Upon careful and logistical consideration, Honor Above All decided to spare their resources and chose not to defend the island. Historically, Honor Above All was the first flag not to defend their island against a BK.

12 April 2008 -

At Blockade Gauntlet XVI, Honor Above All attempted, as part of celebrating their upcoming first birthday as a flag, to take the outpost island from Good Grief. Good Grief successfully defended Gauntlet Island in four rounds, and, as they had promised the ocean during that time, dropped taxes on their large islands back to zero after having steadily progressed them upward at a rate of 10 percent per week without a blockade attempt against them.

27 July 2008 -

At Blockade Caravanserai XX, Eternal Glory successfully defended their island in three sinking rounds; the two flags remained at war for approximately two weeks. This attempt to take the island marked the first blockade run under Griffdr's rule.

13 September 2008 -

At Blockade Cryo II, Honor Above All defeated Brigand Queen Brynhild Skullsplitter of Ice Wyrm's Brood and former NOVA ally Unseen University in four sinking rounds to win the recently opened island.

5 October 2008 -

At Blockade Cryo III, Blades of Sage, in a pre-dawn assault without formal announcement of intent to drop, defeated Honor Above All in four rounds to take the island. Prior to the blockade start, construction started on the planned distillery for the island, On the Rocks.


  • The entries listed above do not by any means give an exhaustive record of events Honor Above All has participated in nor hosted. Honor Above All has aided in many other blockades, primarily in assisting their allies, and has also led several oceanwide events that are not listed above.

Blockades at a glance (6-7)

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# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 18 May 2007 Ashkelon III Attacking No T-N-T vs. Honor Above All 3:0 Didn't win island
2 2 June 2007 Bowditch I Attacking Yes none vs. Hardcore Explorers, Eternal Glory, Honor Above All 0:3:1:0 Didn't win island
3 9 June 2007 Blackthorpe X Attacking No Eternal Glory vs. Honor Above All 1:3 Won island
4 17 June 2007 Blackthorpe XI Defending Yes Honor Above All vs. Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness 3:2 Defended island
5 7 July 2007 Blackthorpe XII Defending No Honor Above All vs. Heaven's Demons 3:0 Defended island
6 14 July 2007 Caravanserai IX Attacking Yes Jinx vs. Honor Above All 2:3 Won island
7 22 July 2007 Caravanserai X Defending No Honor Above All vs. Eternal Glory 0:3 Lost island
8 19 August 2007 Blackthorpe XIII Defending No Honor Above All vs. Toil and Trouble 3:0 Defended island
9 18 November 2007 Blackthorpe XIV Defending Yes Honor Above All vs. Chthonic Horde 0:3 Lost island
10 12 April 2008 Gauntlet XVI Attacking No Good Grief vs. Honor Above All 3:1 Didn't win island
11 27 July 2008 Caravanserai XX Attacking Yes Eternal Glory vs. Honor Above All 3:0 Didn't win island
12 13 September 2008 Cryo II Attacking Yes Ice Wyrm's Blood vs. Honor Above All, Unseen University 0:3:1 Won island
13 5 October 2008 Cryo III Defending No Honor Above All vs. Blades of Sage 1:3 Lost island