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Balde is an officer of the crew Oh Dear on the Sage Ocean.



Balde started out as a pirate in the crew Dukes of Sage. After a while he switched from crew to crew, never really remaining a loyal crew member to any of the crews that he joined. Then on August 27, 2006, Balde established undead sage, a crew which at its peak had 127 crew members. Over the years it was absolved, and three more were created, before he decided that being a captain was too stressful.

Today Balde is a merchant on the Sage Ocean, buying and selling in inns. He also manages his best hearty's distillery stall, which he uses to support his crew. His stats have been up and down, and are never really good in the end (although, he is known for his boasting that he was once a ultimate swordfighter).

Balde is currently an officer of the crew Oh Dear. His likes include dirks, rum, turtles, skellies, and PoE. However, he dislikes zombies, brigands, and people who haggle.