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Azureus is captain and politician of the crew The Rounders on the Sage Ocean. Azureus is the most feared pirate, when it comes to other pirates breaking rules. He is also the leader of T.D.W.S (The Dock Watcher Squad).

Azureus is a poker player, and pirates can usually find him at poker tables with his friends. He plays at the big tables, so he says it would not be hard to find him.


Azureus started Puzzle Pirates on March 23, 2004, as did his brother Barbaras. Azureus was researching on the internet for popular online games, Puzzle Pirates came up on the top of his search he clicked the link and when to Puzzle Pirates main home page an he read about it. Later he told his brother about it and they both went on their computers, downloaded it and played it. Azureus started on the Midnight Ocean.

Azureus plans on building his crew to mass numbers in hopes to succeed his last wish. His friend are by his side to help him in the adventure he has planned for the crew. But before he does what's planned, Azureus has dedicated time into practicing Puzzles both online an offline. To become a better pirate for himself an his crew. He's gotten better with Carpentry by practicing daily.


Azureus's goals are confidential.



Azureus has a brother on Sage, and his name is Barbaras.


I have many friends, my best and trustworthy friend is Captmatt. He's been with me since the day I started my crew.

My second trustworthy friend is Capsorrow. He's a real life friend and I told him about Puzzle Pirates last year and he joined. Ever since then he's progressed into a great Fleet Officer in my crew an working his way on becoming a Senior Officer.

My third trustworthy friend is Badabuilda, we met in the crew Midnite Devils. He was a Fleet Officer an I was a Senior Officer. I ran pillages in the crew daily as he did also.


Azureus says,"The seas talk to me."