Release 2009-11-18

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Exploring the Transcendent

From the Release Notes:
  • Add new Attraction building: The Explorers' Hall
    • Explorers' Halls sell charts to new expeditions nearby, currently specifically:
  • Raids on Imperial Outposts
    • The tyrannical Empire has started encroaching on the piratey high seas.
    • Attack the outposts, sink their defences, and fight the soldiers to plunder their supplies
  • Count "Learning" as poor, not fine when calculating blockade pay
  • Split Able into Able and Proficient
  • Split Aspiring into Aspiring and Obscure
  • Add new experience levels beyond Sublime: Revered, Exalted, Transcendent
  • New bronze cannons and helm available for manufacture
  • New figurehead available for large vessels
  • Don't allow greeter pillages or ships being transported by swabbies to enter expeditions
  • Fix a bug that caused some shop orders to not show